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Erdogan Terrorists Stole High Voltage Electric Towers in Abu Rassin Area

high voltage electric grid in Abu Rassin Hasakah Syria

Anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood terrorists loyal to the Turkish madman Erdogan stole electricity metal poles and towers in the Abu Rassin region, northern Hasakah countryside at dawn, today.

Local sources reported that the Erdogan mercenaries under the protection of the Turkish army dismantled the electric towers of the high voltage grid in the villages of Bab Al Khair, Umm Ahsbah, and Dawodieh, in the Abu Rassin region in the northern Hasakah countryside, northeast of Syria.

The terrorists would then move the dismantled towers to their warehouses and later sell them to Turkish junk merchants working for Erdogan’s family along with stolen metal items from the houses they raided and forced its people to flee as refugees wandering in the open desert in the winter season.

This latest theft of Syrian resources comes only a few days after the Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations Security Council Ambassador Bashar Jaafari scolded Erdogan’s representative in a UNSC meeting via video conference for similar thefts and demographic changes amounting to genocide and crimes against humanity committed by Erdogan and his terrorists in northern Syrian areas under the occupation of the Turkish army, NATO’s second-largest army.

Erdogan: Syrian factories and economy thief
Emir of Qatar & Prime Minister of Turkey Steal Syrian Oil Machinery in Broad Daylight

Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, Turkish-sponsored terrorists dismantled and stole machinery from tens of thousands of factories, especially in the Aleppo province, they also stole power stations, oil, wheat, and other collectibles, in addition to antiquities and valuables they grabbed from the houses of the Syrians in the villages and towns they raided. The terrorists burned down and bombed what they couldn’t carry with them.

Erdogan wants to Israelize as much land as he can from northern Syria by uprooting the landowners and replacing them with families of the terrorists serving his Zionist agenda in the ‘Greater Israel project’ he’s leading in the region, as per his own words.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    What do you expect from a low level criminal and his followers? What’s really puzzling is the support from all European citizens to the crimes of this evil dictator, they support him with their tax money, in politics, they keep the sanctions on Syria so it cannot rebuild and fight back these criminals… Is it their Crusaders genes?


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