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11 Residential Towers 362 Affordable Housing Units, New Project in Hama

GCBC SY Construction of Affordable Housing in Syria

The Syrian Housing Establishment, a public company, is working on 11 residential towers in the Wafa Suburb in the city of Hama, the project costs 9.5 billion Syrian Liras.

Syrian General Corporation for Building and Construction (GCBC), is the public company that signed the contract to develop the land, construct the towers to key handling of the apartments, the affordable housing project will have a built-up area of 52,608 square meters for the 362 apartments.

The contract also stipulates the execution period over 800 days.

This new project comes in addition to the other project which GCBC is executing in the same Wafa Suburb for the Syrian Housing Establishment and includes 6 residential towers with 200 affordable apartments with a total cost of 3.385 Billion Syrian Liras.

GCBC has also signed a contract with Syrian Public Transportation Establishment to execute rain drainage systems in a number of main roads of the province of Hama, namely in the regions of Tahoun Al Halaweh, Annab, Shataha, Salhab, Naher Bared, Jourin, Ithriyah, Homs – Masyaf road, Al Bayadiyah, Al Safasif, and Hama – Mhardeh road. The total contract is worth 274 million Syrian Liras.

Despite the US-led war of terror, war of attrition, and military intervention, topped up with its inhumane draconian sanctions on the country and the blockade it enforces on countries that submit to its orders, the rebuilding and construction of new projects never stopped in Syria since the first town was cleaned from NATO’s beloved Al Qaeda and ISIS freedom fighters.

In May 2018, the Syrian General Company for Constructions won a public tender to construct 13 residential towers with 8,000 apartments in the town of Deemas (aka Dimas), in Damascus Countryside.

These units are part of the ambitious Youth Housing Program launched by instructions from President Bashar Assad which includes the delivery and allocation of 50,000 apartments during the war years.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    The world can learn a lot from the Syrians like how to stand up to the world’s superpowers and how to rebuild while they continue to destroy.

  2. wpslol

    Despite the many problems, Syria continues to rebuild (never seen a nation with such strong sovereignty as Syria, there is only to congratulate this country that has defended itself against half the world, militarily they have won the war , now they will have to win it economically, Syria will never fall and the Syrians are an intelligent people and have not been fooled (Damascus today seems a safer city than many cities in the West), all the money the West has spent to try to destroy Syria have now been burned and today Western countries are up to their necks in debt.

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