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Zezon Electric Thermo Power Station Restored by SAA

Zezon Thermo-Power Station

Syrian Arab Army gifts the Syrian people another victory by restoring the Zezon Thermo-Power Station in north-west Idleb countryside. The victory comes while the SAA, the Syrian Arab Army and the NDF, the National Defense Forces, celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Syrian Arab Army.

Zezon Thermo-Power Station is one of many public power stations in Syria, works on LNG ‘Liquefied Natural Gas’, Fuel and Mazoot. It consists of 3 turbines each with a 128 MW capacity, operational since 1998. The station is located near Jisr Shoghour city adjacent to the Turkish borders.

Zezon Thermo-Power Station
Zezon Thermo-Power Station

252 workers used to work in the station, 92 of their families were housed in a dedicated housing complex built especially for the station and accommodates the children in a special nursery within as well. Workers were enjoying free transport, free healthcare, food, uniforms and training, just like all Syrian workers in public companies pre-US led ‘Arab Spring’ ‘democracy’.

Terrorists confirmed the defeat and their retreat from the site in a post on one of their many Facebook pages, the post was signed by the terrorist group named as ‘Jaish al-Fatah’ or ‘Conquest Army’, a Biblical name to confirm the radicalism of the group backed by the New Ottoman Muslim Brotherhood regime of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Turkish president.

Jaish al-Fatah Confess Defeat at Zezon
Jaish al-Fatah Confess Defeat at Zezon

The restoration of the strategic and geographically strategically located station comes on the same day the Syrian Arab Army declared cleaning the whole of Hasakah City, north east of Syria, totally from NATO and stooges sponsored ISIS terrorist group. We covered earlier the success of the SAA in Geweran, Hasakah in a previous post: (

Worth noting that one of the main and preferred targets of US regime sponsored terrorists in Syria was the electricity sector and especially power generating stations, power transmission and transform stations and cable lines. They follow the Zionist plan to destroy Syria aka ‘Democratizing’ Syria, watch but try not to feel too sick and do note the date, it’s when western politicians and their propagandists in the mainstream media were promoting the lies of ‘peaceful protests met by brutal crackdown’:

The video is also on BitChute.

Before the current crisis in Syria, there was not a single village even in the most remote areas that weren’t electricity covered, and Syria was exporting the surplus in electricity to neighboring countries namely Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan. Now Syrians are suffering shortages of electricity supplies especially in Aleppo and most parts of the country with the rationalization of up to 6 hours daily in the capital Damascus.

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