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Who to Believe: 2 Erdogan Forces Killed or 50 as PKK Claims?

tens of erdogan forces killed

When media confirms there was a ‘tractor laden with 2 tons explosives was driven at a military police station’, then Erdoğan media shows footage of a ‘building severely damaged’, it would be hard to believe that only 2 Erdoğan soldiers were killed.

Just one day after Erdoğan forces, the militias within the Turkish Army loyal to the Islamist radical Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, committed a horrible massacre against Zargala village, of civilians mostly speaking Kurdish language, leaving the village in ruins on 1st August, the Kurdish Workers Party aka PKK retaliates and razes an Erdoğan forces check post destroying it and killing and injuring all Erdoğan thugs inside.

tens of erdogan forces killed
Tens of Erdoğan Forces Killed in a PKK Retaliation to a Massacre by Erdoğan Forces

With the Turkish Army still not sure which side to take in the Syrian crisis, with the MIT, Erdoğan intelligence, taking sides with ISIS, Nusra Front, and other Wahhabi terrorist groups, and the Turkish police forces and the core Turkish Army standing down, their president Erdoğan is pushing for a regional war to achieve his dream of becoming a Caliph with a Harim attached to his ultra-expensive palace he built getting jealous of the famous Turkish documentary series: ‘Muhteşem Yüzyıl’ aka ‘Magnificent Century’ and translated into Arabic under the title ‘Hürrem Sultan’ or Sultan’s lady slaves. The series telling the story of the Ottoman sultan Suleiman I.

'Erdoğan thinks he's a Muslim Caliph'. ~President Assad
‘Erdoğan thinks he’s a Muslim Caliph’. ~President Assad

The palace where he plans to bring the lady slaves to entertain him cost just $350 million, while most of his country especially in the south and southeast lives under poverty lines and barely make their daily living, and that’s where people speaking Kurdish language mainly inhabit and their living conditions comparing with other parts of Turkey is the reason why they revolted in the first place.

Erdoğan $350 Million Palace
Erdoğan $350 Million Palace

The new massacre in Zargala village is in line with the ongoing more than 4 decades onslaught against own people the Turkish forces is involved in. By committing new massacres daily, they think the world will forget the previous ones just like in the case of the massacres committed by Zionist Israel against the Levant people to cover the previous massacres they committed.

Let’s see what the Turkish veteran groups say about the new retaliation attack by the PKK and how many Turkish families will register in the veteran’s welfare program, that’s the best measure to tell the real figures of war casualties. It worked fine in the case of US soldiers killed in Iraq with the official narrative at 4,488 soldiers killed and the benefits of their families filled grows the number to little over 35,000!!

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