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Hillary Clinton Preaching Democracy


With no shame whatsoever for her multi-roles, and her husband’s, in dragging the United States of America to further wars and further lows, for her involvement and the least to say ignorance that led to the killing of her colleague the US ambassador to Libya, and a long list of crimes, Hillary Clinton is at it again.

This time, the Clinton lady is taking it to a new level of ignorance preaching the world’s oldest and continuous civilizations what to learn from an illegal entity, her country and her allies sponsor and support, but there are those who actually are learning from this illegal entity what to do.


The wife of a former president and a presidential candidate herself in the ‘USFR’, the ‘United States of Families Ruling’ what they have turned the United States of America to, asking the people of the Middle East to learn from the worst pariah, anti-United Nations resolutions, anti-humanity, anti-Semitic, Zionist and mass murderer Israel, the following:

1) How to establish religious states; ISIS is an example of such a ‘state’, so is Saudi, Qatar and even Iran if you may, Kurds learned it wrongly and establishing an ethnic state not a religious one.

2) How to bomb children and civilians; ISIS and its friends Nusra, FSA.. has learned that and doing it.

3) How to destroy infrastructure of others; ISIS, FSA and Nusra has done and doing that.

4) How to steal wheat, take out olive trees and burn fields; ISIS and Nusra and FSA has been doing it.

5) How to trade with human organs; ISIS, Nusra and FSA has been doing that and Turkey has perfected it.

6) How to suck money from other countries based on lies and biblical fabrications; exactly what ISIS is preaching.

So much other wrong doings can be learned from this pariah entity, you can add in the comments if you want, there are things like using children as human shields, using white phosphorus against civilians, bombing UN designated schools and refugee camps deliberately like in Qana in the South of Lebanon twice and in Gaza, stealing water, detaining children, forgiving criminals, functioning as a tax haven for tax evaders, prostitution rings global command…

Israel, the only ‘state’ that its ‘army’ ever used children as human shields so blatantly.

The competition among presidential candidates in the United States of America is understandable at this time as each one of them is racing to get the satisfaction of the real rulers of the ‘US supposed to be Republic Democracy’, the real ruler’s sitting in Israel.


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  1. miri

    “Four arrestees, including a 12 year-old boy, RHR Executive Director Rabbi Arik Ascherman, an additional Palestinian, and a Swedish ISM activist, were used as human shields in Bido (Biddu), near Jerusalem, on Thursday, April 15th, as non-violent resistance to occupation continues throughout the region.”

    NB: I rarely share “ism” these days, as certain members of ‘leadership’ have aligned with Zionist Israel, in support of war crimes against the Syrian Arab Republic. I make an exception in this case, to give some background story to the little boy that the monsters of the IDF tied to their jeep.

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