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War Against Syria: Russia and China Demand to Show Restraint

Docked Submarine

Russia, China urge restraint over a military intervention in Syria.

The governments in China and Russia urge the Western counterparts to show restraint in terms of a possible military intervention in Syria, which in reality just means a war against Damascus. Both administrations in Russia and China urge the West to wait for the results of the investigation by the UN chemical inspectors in Syria before they decide to take any military action against Damascus.

However, the West is rarely interested to listen on statements from China and Russia, but in terms of Syria, one also has to take note of the subtle tone of each of the statements by Russian and Chinese officials because Syria is not just another Libya and Moscow will not repeat its failure before the war against Libya, which has finally not liberated the Libyan people. The current situation in Libya is still filled with chaos and violence.

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has not only warned the British Foreign Minister, William Hague, against submitting a Resolution to the UN Security Council (UNSC) that would allow the use of military force against the Syrian government in Damascus, but Lavrov also warned other officials from other Western states and he urged that the West has to show restraint in terms of any military action against Syria.

Further, the Russian Foreign Minister also said in direction to the West and especially to his British counterpart William Hague that the West shall wait till the chemical inspectors of the United Nations (UN) have finished their investigation whether chemical weapons have been used on Syrian soil before they make a decision for a military strike against Damascus.

The chemical inspectors of the UN are currently in Syria and they already visited some suburbs of Damascus (e.g. Jobar). However, a sniper fired at a vehicle of the UN chemical inspectors at the first day of their investigation in a suburb of the Syrian capital. The investigation was then postponed due to safety. The UN chemical inspectors have then resumed their investigation in suburbs of Damascus yesterday.

Besides the statements by the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, also the Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, has raised his voice in terms of the increased momentum of the Western rhetoric of war against Syria. The Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi repeated the stance of the Chinese governance in terms of a military strike against Syria. Wang Yi said that China is opposed to the use of chemical weapons and it does not matter who use them – China rejects the use of such weapons. In addition, the Foreign Minister of China further stated that any kind of military action against Syria will not help.

Wang Yi, the Chinese FM, said that a political resolution has from the very beginning of the conflict in Syria been the only way out of the conflict and crisis in this Arab nation. Further, the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi underlined the position of Moscow in terms of the Syrian conflict as well as in regards of a military strike against Damascus.

The reason why the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has made his remarks especially in direction to his UK counterpart, William Hague, is the new anti-Syrian Resolution by Britain. Britain presented a Resolution for the use of all “necessary measures under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter to protect civilians from chemical weapons” yesterday. However, to go to war to protect civilians has never really worked out, has it?

The new Resolution against Syria has not been officially submitted to the UN Security Council (UNSC) yet. This draft resolution for a military strike against Damascus is to put into questions – also in terms of humanity because a war against Syria will only and really only increase the violence in the Arab nation. Not to mention the other partly not foreseeable and certainly dire consequences of a military strike against Syria.

Of course, that the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv, the Israel Lobby in the United States, other war profiteers and backers of the terrorists on Syrian soil call on the West to go to war against Syria comes as no surprise.

Further, that several officials from the United States already stated that Washington does not need a UN resolution by the UN Security Council (UNSC) to launch a military strike on Damascus is also no surprise and shows yet again the unimportance of this council because what really matters are the interests of several powers/sides and not such a council of the alleged “Western community of values”.

Meanwhile, the US President Barack Obama said in a new interview that although Washington has not yet made a decision to go to war against Syria, it is already concluded that the Syrian government has “in fact carried out these attacks” (e.g. the alleged chemical weapons attack against Syrian civilians and terrorists in Jobar, a suburb of the Syrian capital, Damascus). However, the evidence of Washington is very questionable and not really convincing.

Docked Submarine
Docked Submarine

Not to mention that Washington has not really shown much evidence for these claims against the Syrian government. In addition, the Syrian government has not used chemical weapons, but such phrases are useful for the positions of these sides in the West and to influence the public opinion. Same applies e.g. for the use of the term “regime” instead of “administration” or “government” in the West (contrary to its use in some other Eastern countries).

According to the US President Barack Obama, Washington has already sent a message to the Syrian government in Damascus to “better not to do it again.” However, the Syrian government could send the same message to Washington in terms of many “incidents” and actions by the United States in recent years.

The most recent statements by Barack Obama are to put on the side of propaganda and the intention to influence the public opinion. Further, the US President also tries to maintain his power because after Washington has been silent in terms of Egypt, Obama has to do something in order to maintain his already decreased power. Not to mention the still not clarified details about the killing of the US ambassador in Benghazi, Libya.

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  1. Peterson

    The American way of attacking countries and leaving them in lurch should be opposed. Only the Russians and Chinese can save the situation now. Mostly the world seems to be not concerned about what is happening in Syria.

  2. carltonr61

    Thousands of internet, keyboard warriors fought with our ideas to save Libya, and we failed. Medvedev’s Russia is a Socialist ideological failure. Many thousands of internet warriors are seeing the Russian Bear now only awakening after a threat to its capitalism. Putin’s Russia now realizes that capitalism has no friends, only food, and Russia without Communist ideology will be swallowed.

    We share Syria’s pain, courage and steadfastness, and await Russian growth. For Russia Libya was the red line.

    • Canthama

      Carltonr61, hope you are right on Russian red line, but besides talking I would really value that since US/UK/France are sending war ships to Syria, the other 2 permanent UNSC send theirs to protect Syrian coast, otherwise what will happen when US/UK/France attack Syria is simple :
      1) Veto on the permanet UNSC means nothing.
      2) Russia and China will be humiliated by their 3 “peers”.
      3) The world will realize that the existing order since WWII means nothing, so there is no rule just military power, well do not need to go far to understand the run for weapons in the world…maybe this is just exactly what the real owners of America want right ?

      We all need either to change the existing world order to a modern one to prevent stupidity like this one from the US/UK/France or we need Russia/China to stand up and do their part as permanent members of the UNSC.


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