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war gaza continues


16 martyrs today, with more airstrikes, bombs, deployed troops and naval help.

As we have seen earlier, most of the air strikes where done on homes where “families” died together.

300+ homes 1500 apartments and even more all fell on the head of unarmed women and children.

Air strikes killed seven people, including five members of the same family, emergency services spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said.

A strike on Deir el-Balah in central Gaza killed five family members, four of them women.

The death toll reached 583 and in the increase, medical supplies are starting to finish, ambulances need fuel, Arabs in the bed with Obama and Al SISI anoher puppet

This is simply what is happening.

Most of the martyrs have been women and children, medics and human rights activists say.

However good news are found.
Qouting Haaretz
“The current military action against Hamas and other hostile forces in the Gaza Strip has cost the government about 2 billion shekels ($585 million) after 12 days of fighting, senior officials said Saturday.”

Adding to that “Hotels in Israel are expected to see a 340 million shekel ($99 million) loss in revenue from foreign visitors in the third quarter of this year as a result of the current hostilities. They are also projected to lose about 85 million shekels in income from Israeli customers.”


And not to forget that more than 27 soldiers dead, 10’s injured and 1 captive.

Note that that the Isreali government forbidden News broadcasters to announce any death of a soldier or Israeli citizen without their approval.

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