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palestine alone


“Palestine, You are Not Alone”

A hash tag or a title for a movement done by almost all Lebanese news broadcasters”

THE broadcast by Tele Liban, LBC, MTV, Al-Manar, Al-Jadeed, NBN, Future TV, and OTV lasted for almost half an hour.

Every channel ran the same  report, each produced and presented by a different studio, tackling the Israeli offensive and the steadfastness of Gaza, its people and its resistance.

Newscasters of Al-Manar and Future channels presented a unified editorial wrote by the Editor-in-chief of the Lebanese daily, As-Safir, Talal Salman, who proposed this initiative.

“It is the Arab people’s fate to free the occupied land,” the editorial stated.
“The enemy is the same … and the stances towards the Palestinians are the same.”

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  1. morteza

    we defend our Syrian brothers… we love you and we hope to compensate your resistance at future…
    resistance is in so hard situation and this will produce a so strong relation between to nation at the near future…
    انشاءا… تعالی

  2. Alandu Richard

    This is a result of a world dominated by imperialism which is in response creating extremism
    We need tolerance and respect for each other to avoid this.


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