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US-sponsored Terrorist Commander Assassinated in Daraa Countryside

Syrian Army cleaning Daraa from Terrorists - File photo

A top commander of the Al Qaeda FSA in the Daraa countryside, the former terrorist commander refused to join the reconciliation and refused to join his colleagues in Idlib.

Local sources from the town of Eastern Mleiha in the Daraa countryside said that Ismael Shokri Al Daraan was shot dead after attending a football (soccer) match in the town earlier today, he died instantly at the spot.

Despite cleaning most of the province of Daraa with its surrounding countryside, some terrorist commanders remain in the province causing insecurity and provoking panic among the civilians in a mostly tribal area, such terrorists as this Al Daraan are a constant source of fear and security breaches including assassinations, blowing up vehicles, looting properties, and smuggling drugs.

The local sources added that nobody claimed responsibility for Al Daraan’s elimination, the Syrian security would prefer to arrest him and extract useful information that would lead to dismantling a number of terrorist groups in the southern region of Syria, his death does not serve the overall security, however, nobody will feel sad for him.

Forces of the US army loyal to Joe Biden and of the British army working as mercenaries for the regime of Elizabeth the Second are illegally deployed in the Al Tanf area in the depth of the Syrian southeastern desert at the border’s conjunction with Iraq and Jordan, these forces have established a no-fly zone around their base in which terrorist groups gather, and train under the supervision of these foreign forces, then carry out their terrorist attacks against the people of the southern region, Al Daraan, his terrorist group, and a host of other terrorist groups with an ISIS-affiliated group relied heavily on supplies and protection from these two NATO forces operating against international law thousands of miles far from their home countries.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    I wish our army did not accept the reconciliation for the commanders of the terrorists, whoever they were, should’ve either eliminated them or shipped them to their master Erdogan in the northwest of Syria.

  2. Roy Booher

    I watched the video of the young Ukrainian man who attempted to bomb the bridge carrying orphans to the safety of Russia. The video of his interrogation, he seemed quite cooperative; then they take him out and shoot them on the spot? Is that how it works? Pretty much works that way in most nations of Africa toward thieves: a short trial in the street, then gunned down where they stand. Just wondering how it works in Syria because here in the US if there’s not enough evidence for a conviction, they just gun you down in the middle of the street.

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