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US-sponsored ISIS Kill 4 Syrian Policemen in Daraa Countryside

ISIS terrorists murder Syrian policemen in Daraa - archive photo - ارهابيو داعش المدعومين من الولايات المتحدة يقتلون شرطة في درعا

US-sponsored ISIS terrorists killed four policemen and injured a fifth in an ambush in Daraa countryside early today, the 25th of June 2023.

The injuries of the policemen who survived the ambush are described as life-threatening, local sources confirmed adding that the terrorist attack occurred near the Al Jamal roundabout in the town of Al-Muzayrib in Daraa’s western countryside, local sources said.

On its part, the Syrian news agency SANA quoted a source in the Daraa Police Command:

“A terrorist ambush took place at around 7:30 am, while a police patrol was on its way from the city of Daraa to the city of Tafas to secure the high school examination centers.”

The source added, “The terrorists fired heavily at the patrol, which caused the death and injury of its members before they fled.”

The martyrs and the injured policeman were taken to the National Hospital of Daraa where the doctors are trying to save the life of the injured policeman.

The terrorist attack carries the fingerprints of the remnants of the defeated ISIS terrorist protected by the US Army in the vicinity of its illegal military base in the Syrian Al Tanf area, in the furthest southeastern Syrian desert at the joint Syrian – Jordanian – Iraqi borders.

US-sponsored ISIS remnants fled their last strongholds in the center of the city of Daraa upon their defeat by the Syrian Arab Army in September 2021 and headed east toward the illegal US Army base in Al Tanf, the ISIS terrorists were provided protection by the US Army within the so-called 50 kilometers perimeter protected zone around their base.

Since their relocation to the vicinity of the US Army base in al Tanf, the ISIS remnants were rebranded twice, the first time to Maghawir Thawra and the second time to Syrian Free Army. The US Army armed the terrorists, trained them, provided them with logistic and intelligence support, and commanded their hundreds of attacks and massacres against the Syrian people in the southern region.

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  1. Roy

    king henry the 8th

    Actually, the whole system is corrupt, from the laws being passed to the laws being enforced, and all the charities in between; total corruption. That must be why Lisa Madigan (the adopted daughter of a son of a former Mafia boss, a compatriot of Al Capone and a previous Illinois Attorney General) wanted out;  that’s how long this harassment and thievery of my funds has been going on, and why apparently, the Illinois Attorney General’s Office appears to be so inept; it’s all a form of money laundering; just like the deal with the military arms shipments passing through so many hands, as VT reported several weeks ago, and why nothing will be done about that either.
    Not the point that I’m making, but obviously, knowingly or overwise VT would also fit in there someway; and we all knew the Catholic Church always sat in there somewhere from its very inception, as well as many others. The Radical Protestants, ( later renamed the, “Brethern”, was also, apparently, probably unknowingly to many of its members, as the, “Illuminati”, (they shared the same building) and, LOL, of course they were persecuted for their “religious beliefs”, and later became known as part of the Pennsylvania Dutch crowd. But, even more interesting than that though is this tiny bit of a mystery concerning one of my ancestors and the Rothschild; strangely, at the beginning of the 1700’s, my ancestor was born on the same day. was married on the same day, and died on the same day as one of the Rothschild; strange? And all of this was near the first church of the Radical Protestants which was also where the first meeting of the Illuminati took place, near the grand mansion where the Rothschild lived, “what they now claim was a ghetto.” Even more interesting is that, another one of my supposed ancestors was the sister of King Henry the 8th’s first wife, yes that one, and of course you know how that went down with him having made a deal with bankers, and then having had only one sickly son who soon died(in hindsight, his son must have been constantly, slowly poisoned from day one, just to make sure that Henry wouldn’t have a heir and therefore the the Reign of England would pass on to the bankers. LOL.
    So, anyway, my surname now, apparently, in its form then meant the, “Beast”. also in meaning connected to wooded areas.
    So, what’s the point? I don’t have proof, but at the time my ancestor was some sort of nobleman and that my ancestor’s surname at the time was Rothschild, and that this murderous beast, somehow got my last name, for which we then had to flee Europe. Just saying, and these people called beasts; there is much folklore about the terrible, horrible, them; they’d be part of that group that the Romans called the Barbarians, but obviously they were aided by traitors from inside the Roman elite(scribes/historians; that, apparently, is why they believe that they have a legitimate claim to what they now call Israel, because that would be the traitors’ reward.
    Sounds a lot like the Ukraine; doesn’t it? And, all of the US regime changes that it has caused, and attempted to do to Syria.
    The funniest part of this, or maybe not so funny, is that now, or at least it was, the last time I checked, the Rothschild claim that the next Messiah will come from their family, but not share their surname.
    So then, would that be the reason why someone would then spend millions of dollars to hire Hollywood actors to come sit next to a homeless person and chat for maybe a half-hour or so; on what? For over a month, every single day they did this; what in heavens name could possibly be that important to spend that kind of money on, and on a homeless at that? That I would be the Christ? Or more likely the Anti-Christ? And, the overall message that these actors were supposed to deliver to me was that they’re Vampires, but nice Vampires? I’ve heard so many different versions of this story so far; one that they are the descendants of cannibals, one where they are the descendants of a now extinct human type primate that once mated with the Neanderthal, and probably others, and yet another that they’re the descendants of an alien species!!! This all sounds like the classical story of the search for a home, or homeland; or maybe they just need a God that they can call their own.
    Need a God? Join the rest of humanity, turn the water back on to Syria, stop taking their crops and oil; and I’ll show you how to have so much access to so many resources that your wealth will become worthless; and how to obtain immortality without having to die first to obtain it; otherwise, please leave me the hell alone and stop all the harassment. 6

  2. Muhammad Turkmani

    This terror must stop and gloves must be taken off, it’s already more than 12 years of this carnage and it’s unacceptable whatever is being cooked on the global level, we paid much more than our share in shaping it.


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