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US-sponsored Foreign Legion in Syria (ISIS) Kills 2 Policemen in Daraa

ISIS-affiliated Maghawir Thawra terrorists with their US Army sponsors in the Syrian Al Tanf مغاوير الثورة من داعش مع الجيش الأمريكي في منطقة التنف السورية

Remnants of the US-sponsored ‘Foreign Legion’ in Syria, aka ISIS, carried out another terrorist attack in the southern province of Daraa killing 2 policemen and injuring others, the attack took place in the early morning hours of today, Wednesday 30 March 2022.

Local sources in the region where the terrorist attack took place said that terrorists opened their machine guns on a police patrol vehicle on the road leading to the city of Dael in the northwestern countryside of Daraa, the shooting killed two policemen in the vehicle and injured two others before the terrorists withdrew from the site towards the southeastern region of Daraa province.

The injured policemen and the bodies of the two martyrs were rushed to the National Hospital in Daraa city where a source at the hospital stated that the condition of the wounded is considered stable.

Nobody claimed responsibility for the attack at the time of writing this report, the attack itself and its circumstances, the direction the terrorists headed after carrying out their crime indicate they’re members of the ISIS-affiliated ‘Maghawir Thawra’ which operates out of the Al Tanf region in the southeastern furthest depth of the Syrian desert under the protection of Biden forces who are illegally deployed in a makeshift base and who have set a kill zone perimeter of 50 kilometers around their illegal base to defend themselves, protect their terrorist buddies, provide Israel an air corridor to carry out its bombing into Central Syria and western Iraq, and where it holds hundreds of Syrian families hostages in the infamous Rukban concentration camp as human shields.

Today’s attack marks the 6th terrorist attack within the past two days targeting mainly public workers like Dr. Thaer Balkhi who was killed yesterday Tuesday, by an explosion of a bomb planted in his car, and the other attacks were against civilians, soldiers, and former terrorists who laid down their weapons and returned to their normal lives after joining the reconciliation process.

Advisor to Ukrainian President Zelensky, O Arestovich, explains why the Nazi brigades engage in acts of obscene brutality. “ISIS does it, and it works”:

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