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UNSC Wants 30 Days Truce to Protect Terrorists Shelling Damascus

image-Terrorists in Eastern Ghouta Bombing Damascus

The Syrian capital Damascus is being bombarded with mortars, rockets, and even sophisticated missiles by terrorists entrenched in Eastern Ghouta, the farming land surrounding the capital. Even the headquarters of the Syrian Red Crescent (International Red Cross affiliate) was bombed and a very prominent doctor was killed among others.

The carnage and losses have been constant in the past couple of months in residential neighborhoods in Damascus, especially in the eastern part with majority of Christian population and very old churches. The terrorists were pressuring the Syrian capital due to the advances of the Syrian Arab Army on other fronts, especially in Idlib.

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The heads of the UNSC and the Secretary-General of UN received tens of letters from the Syrian government detailing these heinous attacks and calling on the ‘International Community’ to pressure the supporters of the terrorists to stop financing and arming them, to no avail. Nobody bothered as long as Syrians were killed.

Once the Syrian leadership decided to stop the killing by eradicating the 2000 terrorists holding 430,000 civilians as human shields, suddenly the ‘International Community’ wakes up and calls on the Syrian government to stop any such move as it will endanger the existing of one of the most important cards the US, UK, and France along with their regional stooges hold against Damascus.

image-Syria Ambassador to UN Dr. Jaafari Closing Statement 24 Feb 2018
Syria Ambassador to UN Dr. Jaafari Closing Statement 24 Feb 2018 after the UNSC adopted a resolution to protect terrorists in Eastern Ghouta

After failing to obtain the first resolution by the Security Council due to not exempting Nusra Front and its affiliates from the war on terror, the same organizations listed in the aforementioned countries as ‘terrorist organization’, but in Syri, they want to protect them, the Security Council was set for another discussion.

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After some Western officials made some noise, the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs pleaded to them that Russia is ready to vote in favor of a truce that would save the terrorists in Eastern Ghouta.

Trump forces illegally stationed in Tanf are reported now to be working on moving tens of ISIS terrorists from the region to the east of the Euphrates River to Eastern Ghouta to strengthen the positions of the other Trump forces stationed there. The area east of the Euphrates River is where the US with the so-called SDF Kurdish militia are in control and are providing shelter to ISIS and other mercenary terrorists.

image-Lavrov Ready to Vote in Favor of Resolution to Protect Terrorists in Eastern Ghouta
Lavrov Ready to Vote in Favor of Resolution to Protect Terrorists in Eastern Ghouta


image-Russia Complains of Initiatives to Save Terrorists in Syria
Same Mr. Lavrov who in 2016 stated the results of such truce initiatives in Syria pleaded with his ‘Western Colleagues’ to present the draft resolution for a new such truce in Eastern Ghouta and his willingness to vote for it!

Upon Russian pleading to their Western ‘colleagues’ the Security Council convened and a resolution to impose ‘truce’ between the Syrian Armed Forces and terrorist groups in Eastern Ghouta was adopted with Russia excitingly voting in favor of it.

Syrian activists including myself are stunned with Russia’s latest move and can only describe: ‘Russia is an ally you cannot depend on, but surely your enemies can.’

You can watch the disappointment of Syrian permanent representative to the United Nations Ambassador Dr. Bashar Jaafari reading the concluding statement after the UNSC adopted the resolution in favor of a 30 days truce, Dr. Jaafari’s vowing the Syrian government preserve its right to retaliate against terrorists all over the country to any single missiles fired by them anywhere, and how he exposed the hypocrisy of the ambassadors of the United States of America, Britain, and France in the same statement:

Knowing very well the dumb and weak media policies, methods and tactics of the camp supposed to be fighting terror on Syria’s side and how strong the Western Mainstream Media establishment in spreading warmongering propagada and how they just promote one side of the story and their abilities in manipulating the brains of their masses, we can only pray to God to give patience and strength to the Syrian Arab Army to protect the country and not give any chance to the terrorists or their supporters in the West and the regional stooges.

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