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Turkey Augments Al-Qaeda in Syria with 1,300 Terrorists

Erdogan FSA Relation

Embattled Turkish Prime Minister and anti-Islamic NATO-style Islamist Caliph wannabe Erdogan augments Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria with additional 1,300 from his followers.

It’s not a secret that the Muslim Brotherhood government in Turkey serves all enemies of Islam by importing, training, financing, arming and smuggling thousands of terrorists into its southern neighbor Syria across over 850 kilometers of border separating the two countries.

We had reported earlier how the Islamist fanatics ruling Turkey, the trio Gül, Erdoğan and Davutoğlu, have invested heavily in planting the seeds of sectarianism in Turkey among the Sunni community against Alawites and even against Sunni Kurds. The group Erdoğan nourishes is called Nurjia, it spreads the anti-Islamic teaching of Badei’alzaman Saeed AlNursi, a scholar who lived during the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and had vowed to revive it.

Our previous article: Shocking Facts Exposed, A Syrian Spy Behind Enemy’s Lines, would give you an idea about the sick mentality of the Turkish Islamist government and their dream of ruling over the suffering and death of hundreds of thousands of their own people, as well as people in countries neighboring Turkey.

Erdogan FSA Relation
Erdogan FSA Relation

Since the beginning of the Syrian conflict, the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood government was more than vocal in its attempts to destroy the last secular state in the entire region: Syria. Especially after the Syrian president Dr. Bashar Al-Assad refused, multiple times, Turkey’s offer of ‘mediation’ – installing members of the outlaw criminal Muslim Brotherhood – Syria wing organization within the Syrian government in March through July 2011, before all hatred and enmity could no longer be hidden by the fanatics ruling Turkey.

Turkish involvement was more than clear in the sectarian killing, fueling the raging fire in Syria and sponsoring terrorists after the infamous Jisr Shoghour massacre beginning of June 2011, when more than 120 Syrian security members were lynched slaughtered by herds of hundreds (more than 700 per some estimates), were smuggled over night into the border town by Turkish intelligence thugs who report directly to the Turkish prime minister.

The following report by Syrian Ikhbariya TV – banned in the U.S. and Europe in their quest to promote ‘free speech’ and ‘democracy’ in the world – sheds some light on the latest attempt by the devil trio Gül, Erdoğan and Davutoğlu to survive in their seats until the Turkish people wake up, some day.

The biggest monkey insists not to come down the tree he climbed so fast and still thinks he can gain more by staying up there despite the very expensive ladder offered to him for free and instead is jumping from a branch to another and recently jumped onto the Iranian branch and made a breakthrough telephone call, but Turkish prime minister has a better way to get down, it seems:


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  1. Blowback Winds

    A Suggestion From A Zionist Of A Reverse Scenario: “If these sex jihadists Ever Do Think of freeing Occupied Palestine (the Main cancerous tumour in the Ummah, my words) & decide to enter ‘our lands’, the authorities would be waiting for them with interesting results- ALL foreigners caught would be First castrated (to neuter their sex jihadists tendencies) and have their 3-Fingers on Each Hand chopped off BEFORE being flown back to their countries (at their government expenses). For the rest of their lives, Everywhere & Everyone they meet would identify their stupidity. Even though it would be a ‘ready market’ for the wahhabi sheikhs to uplift their own spiritual stations by having a regular supply of fresh men, it would Deter anyone from joining these sex jihadists knowing that either death awaits (straight to hell) Or if captured, there would Never be sex again Nor any useful activity apart from serving the wahhabi sheikhs at all times.

  2. Blowback Winds

    Does anyone have a better solution & a quicker exit of these 100,000 or so-stated idiots who’s main motive is the pay (in $$,000/= a month) Or the Syrian women citizens who tend to be of a fairer complexions, hence more beutiful.


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