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Tunisia: Protests and Tear Gas After Funeral of Mohamed Brahmi

Old palace in Tunisia

After the funeral of the targeted assassinated prominent Tunisian opposition leader Mohamed Brahmi two days ago, a fresh wave of protests by angry Tunisians swapped through the North African country and the Tunisian security forces have again used tear gas to disperse the thousands of furious protesters in the capital, Tunis.

The prominent and secular Tunisian opposition leader Mohamed Brahmi was shot dead by two gunmen with eleven bullets from close range in front of his house in Tunis, while his family witnessed the assassination. The funeral of the prominent opposition figure took place in Tunis today – and further protests by the understandable angry supporters of the opposition groups in Tunisia were to expect after the funeral of the murdered Mohamed al-Brahmi.

Mohamed Brahmi was a leading opposition figure and very well known by the majority of the Tunisians. In addition, the assassination of Mohamed Brahmi was already the second killing of a prominent opposition member in Tunis this year. Already in February this year, the prominent opposition politician Shukri Belaid was killed with the same weapon that were used by the two gunmen, according to the Tunisian Interior Minister two extremist Salafists (Salafis), to kill Mohamed Brahmi two days ago.

Thousands of angry protesters went onto the streets today and chanted slogans against the questionable ruling party of the North African country. The same wave of protests against the ruling party (Ennada) swapped already through Tunisia after the assassination of Shukri Belaid earlier this year.

The Tunisian police and security forces have reacted to the gatherings of the anti-government protesters with rubber bullets and tear gas in order to disperse the angry but peaceful crowds in Tunis. But many Tunisians also went on the streets in other regions of the country.

The fresh wave of anti-government protests in Tunisia have begun some hours after the funeral procession was held in the capital of Tunisia for the murdered opposition figure Mohamed Brahmi today. Of course, thousands of Tunisians joined the funeral procession on the streets of Tunis. The body of the assassinated opposition leader Mohamed Brahmi has been taken to the same cemetery where the assassinated Shukri Belaid has been laid to rest earlier this year.

Old palace in Tunisia
Old palace in Tunisia

According to the current information from Tunisia, one protester has died since the killing of Mohamed Brahmi two days ago. Some other protesters were injured during the partly violent clashes with the Tunisian security forces, although it is to add that the protesters were in their majority angry but peaceful – the reactions of some Tunisian security guards is to put into question.

As already mentioned, the Tunisian Interior Minister Lotfi Ben Jeddou said yesterday that the targeted assassination of Mohamed Brahmi two days ago was the work of an extremist Salafist (Salafi) movement in Tunisia and the current investigation would already show the implication of Boubaker Hakim, a Salafist extremist, in the killing of Mohamed Brahmi. Sadly, extremist Salafists (Salafis) are no new occurrence in Tunisia.

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