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tunisia assassination mohamed brahmi

Old palace in Tunisia

While a lot of Tunisians have held national flags and chanted paroles for Tunisia and the secular opposition party outside a hospital in Tunis in the area of the Ariana district of the Tunisian capital in their protest against the horrible assassination of the prominent and secular opposition leader Mohamed Brahmi, targeted assassinated in front of his house with 11 bullets from close range by an yet unidentified gunman yesterday, the Tunisian police has fired tear gas at protesters in front of the Interior Ministry in Tunis.

The prominent opposition leader and Tunisian politician Mohamed Brahmi was shot dead in a targeted assassination on July 25 – in front of his house in Tunis while his family has witnessed the attack and murder of Mohamed al-Brahmi with 11 bullets from close range. Mohamed al-Brahmi was declared as dead upon his arrival in a near hospital in Tunis.

After the news of the murder of the secular Tunisian opposition leader Mohamed Brahmi has spread through Tunis, many Tunisians went on the streets to protest against the targeted assassination of the prominent political figure in the capital.

The Tunisian riot police has later used tear gas to disperse the protesting people who gathered in front of the Interior Ministry in the capital, Tunis, although the protest has been peaceful and not violent.

The targeted assassination of the prominent Tunisian politician Mohamed al-Brahmi was already the second assassination of a political figure in Tunis this year. Following the killing of Mohamed Brahmi, not only the Tunisians in the capital took to the streets, but also many Tunisians in several other cities across Tunisia in order to vent their anger about the murder of the prominent and secular Tunisian politician.

The main labor organization in Tunisia has already called for a general strike today in order to condemn the targeted assassination of Mohamed al-Brahmi by a still not identified gunman in front of his house yesterday. According to the civil aviation office of Tunisia, all flights to and from Tunisia are cancelled today because the workers at the airport in Tunis agreed to the calling for the general strike by the main labor organization in Tunisia.

Old palace in Tunisia
Old palace in Tunisia

Martin Nesirky, spokesman for UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, stated in a statement that the United Nations (UN) and the UN chief Ban Ki-moon condem the assassination of Mr. Mohamed Brahmi and that such acts of political violence weaken legitimate state institutions which underpin the democratic process.

The prominent opposition figure Mohamed Brahmi, who was a member of the Popular Front party in Tunisia, held a seat in the Constituent Assembly tasked with writing a new constitution after the foreign-backed “revolution” in Tunisia, which is still maintained as a good thing by the typical propaganda media.

The first kind of such political assassinations in Tunisia happened in February, 2013. The leftist opposition politician Chokri Belaid was shot dead in front of his house in the capital, Tunis.

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