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ccleaner 4 04 windows ie11

Windows: Piriform CCleaner

Piriform released an update of the known Windows / PC cleaning utility CCleaner and this raises the version of CCleaner to 4.04, while the servers of Piriform have certainly a lot to do after the new update of CCleaner because it is the most used cleaning tool for Windows systems.

The new version of CCleaner includes the support for the Microsoft Windows 8.1 Preview, which has been released as free download by Microsoft some weeks ago. The new version also includes the support for the new Internet Explorer 11 under Windows 8.1 as well as for the Internet Explorer 11 Preview for Windows 7 that was released as free download by Microsoft yesterday.

In addition, beside the usual bug fixes, Piriform has also included the support for Opera Browser 15 in the new CCleaner version 4.04 and they say that also improved the way their PC cleaning tool cleans unwanted data from Google Chrome has been improved in the new version. This includes the new ability to remove Channel ID cookies, the last download location, and Flash Cookies in the often used Google Chrome Browser.

Piriform, the company behind CCleaner, has also included the support for Comodo Ice Dragon and improved the support and detection routines of portable browsers under Windows. The professional version of CCleaner, which is not free to use, has a new and improved monitoring service as well as several bug fixes and better notifications. In addition, Piriform has also updated the support for additional Windows software and programs.

For example, the new CCleaner version 4.04 now also supports Bing Search, Bing Maps, Bing News, Bing Travel, and Bing Sports. Further support has been added for Sony Vegas Pro 12.0 and some other Apps and programs for Windows.

Windows: Piriform CCleaner
Windows: Piriform CCleaner

The certainly best new feature of CCleaner 4.04 is the integrated support for Windows 8.1 (Preview) and the new Internet Explorer 11 under Windows 8.1 or Windows 7.

Change log of CCleaner 4.04:

added Windows 8.1 preview support
added Internet Explorer 11 cleaning
added Opera 15 cleaning
improved Google Chrome cleaning: Flash cookies, channel ID cookies and last download location
improved detection of Chromium based browsers
added Comodo IceDragon cleaning
improved detection and cleaning of portable browsers
improved monitoring notifications (CCleaner Professional)
added cleaning for Sony Vegas Pro 12.0, Bing Search, Bing Finance, Bing Maps, Bing News, Bing Sports and Bing Travel
added Hindi translation
minor GUI improvements and bug fixes

Download CCleaner 4.04

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