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whistle messenger encryption android Secure Messenger from Germany?

Two German students work under the name “” at an instant messenger with a particularly strong encryption. Unlike other applications and instant messengers, the so-called will feature a 2048 bit strong algorithm for the encryption of the shared messages. Currently, the new and alleged very safe Instant Messenger can be tested via HTML or by an App for Android.

Encrypted Instant Messenger are currently very trendy. At least, since it was announced that the famous service by WhatsApp does not transfer messages with encryption, many users worldwide seem to currently search for Instant Messengers, which make use of encryption, and these are therefore probably more secure than the famous messenger service from WhatsApp.

However, there are not much alternatives with encryption in terms of Instant Messengers. There is Hike, for example. Hike is now finally useable in terms of the User Interface and functions, and even offers a 256-bit strong encryption. However, the encryption in Hike only works when it’s connected to a wireless network. In terms of a mobile connection to the internet, the encryption in Hike will not work.

The founder behind the new German Instant Messenger “” want to implement a 2048-bit strong end-to-end encryption and this already sounds very secure, doesn’t it? The project of two students from the German city of Mechernich is a (still simple) Instant Messenger that works with a 2048-bit strong RSA encryption in an end-to-end process, and thus, both directions of the sent messages are encrypted.

Due to the advanced cryptography concept behind “”, this German messenger is much safer than many competitors and hard to crack. At least, allegedly hard to crack. Everybody knows, nothing is safe forever.

The guys behind this German Instant Messenger have already uploaded the source code of “” on, and thereby, everybody is able to look at the source code and to understand on what principles the application does work. is already available for the mobile operating system from Google, Android, and as a web app. Other mobile apps for further mobile operating systems will follow soon. A registration is not necessary in order to use on Android or as Desktop application. This makes this Instant Messenger already sympathetic. No Facebook Account needed in order to use Well done.

However, in regards of its features and functions, several other known instant messengers are still better but is still under heavy development and will sure soon improve the visual design / User Interface as well as the implemented features and options will increase. Homepage

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