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mohamed brahmi shukri balaid killed

Old palace in Tunisia

The gunmen who have targeted assassinated the Tunisian head of the Democratic Patriots Party Shukri Balaid in February and now the prominent and secular Tunisian opposition leader and member of the parliament of the country, Mohamed al-Brahmi, have used the same weapons for both killings of the prominent Tunisian politicians this year.

According to the statements of the Tunisian Interior Ministry from today, the secular leader of the opposition party in Tunisia, Mohamed al-Brahmi, was killed with the same weapon that has been already used for the targeted assassination of the head of the Tunisian Democratic Patriots Party, Shukri Balaid, in February this year. This is certainly a very interesting information and should lead to the assumption that the same group is behind the killing of both prominent Tunisian politicians in this year.

The statement by the Tunisian Interior Ministry from today came after an not yet identified gunman has targeted assassinated the secular Tunisian politician Mohamed al-Brahmi in front of his house in the capital Tunis yesterday while his family witnessed the killing. The gunman shot eleven bullets from close range at Mohamed al-Brahmi and took a car to get away from the location of attack in Tunis. The same weapons, as stated, was already used in the killing of Shukri Balaid earlier this year. Both targeted assassinations are just to condemn on every level and our condolences are with the families of both murdered Tunisian politicians.

Both assassinations were carried out in a similar manner and both killings have triggered similar widespread protests against the so-called government of Tunisia in the entire country. Thousands of supporters of the murdered secular head of Tunisia’s opposition party, Mohamed al-Brahmi, went on the streets in the capital Tunis as well as in many other Tunisian cities almost immediately after the sad news made its round through the country.

The thousands of Tunisians protested against the assassination of al-Brahmi and it is to expect that the protests will continue today in Tunisia, especially in the capital, Tunis. The Tunisian police has used tear gas against protesters to disperse them at a square in Tunis yesterday although the protests were not violent but peaceful so far.

Meanwhile, the Tunisian opposition parties and groups have called for a general strike in the entire country after the next assassination of a prominent member of the secular main opposition party yesterday. The General Union of the Tunisian Labor has announced today, that walkouts will take place to condemn the targeted assassination lf Mohamed al-Brahmi, who was a member of the opposition Popular Front party in the North African country.

Old palace in Tunisia
Old palace in Tunisia

All flights to and from Tunisia have been cancelled due to the general strike, according to the civil aviation in Tunis but what is more important, the Tunisian opposition party has already published the statement that it will now establish an alternative government and try everything to force the current government of Tunisia to step down .

Meanwhile, the opposition party says it will launch an alternative government and force the current one to step down.

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