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Tunisia: Large Anti-Government Protests in Tunis

Old palace in Tunisia

Tunis: Ten of thousands demand the fall of the Islamist government.

In the Tunisian capital Tunis, tens of thousands of civilian protesters took to the streets in order to protest against the transitional Islamist government of the North African country yesterday. This was the certainly largest civilian protest against the current Islamist government of Tunisia since the targeted assassination of the popular opposition leader Mohamed Brahmi on July 25. The secular opposition figure Mohamed Brahmi was gunned down in Tunis by two violent Salafists in front of his house two weeks ago.

The secular opposition groups in Tunisia have already stated after the assassination of the popular opposition leader Mohamed Brahmi, which has been the second assassination of a famous opposition figure in this year (Chokri Belaid was assassinated in February this year – certainly also by Islamists/Salafists), that they want to bring down the current transitional Islamist government and that they will try a lot of means to dissolve the so-called “National Constituent Assembly” (ANC) as soon as possible in order to work on a new, more secular, constitution for Tunisia and the Tunisian people.

The participations in the largest public protest against the current Islamist government in the Tunisian capital Tunis chanted slogans like “We want the fall of the regime” or “Down with Islamists” and demanded the immediately resign of the current transitional Islamist government of the North African country.

The current protests against the so-called government of Tunisia, which have taken place mainly in the capital of Tunisia yesterday, mark the six-month anniversary of the (targeted) assassination of Chokri Belaid.

However, even about 70 members of the so-called “National Constituent Assembly” (ANC) have resigned and carried out a sit-in in order to protest against the assassinations of Mohamed Brahmi and Chokri Belaid.

According to several statements by the “National Constituent Assembly” (ANC), the Tunisian lawmakers are currently still working on the new constitution for the North African country and even new elections are planed – in case when “dialogue commences.” It is to mention, that the current Islamist body and government has already overrun the promised deadline (constitution for Tunisia) by eight months, so…

Old palace in Tunisia
Old palace in Tunisia

According to the report by Russia Today (RT) about the protests and events in Tunisia and especially in the capital Tunis, the most obvious comparison to the political strife in Tunisia is the recent (so-called) uprising in the other North African state – Egypt. However, there are some differences between the events in both North African countries and probably different foreign interests in Egypt and Tunisia.

The current anti-government protests by more and more Tunisians has been already compared to the protests and political turmoil which has finally overthrown Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali in January 2011 and alleged sparked the “Arab Spring” in Tunisia. However, the background stories of these events in 2011 are to put into question.

The story about the young man who has alleged triggered the “Arab Spring” in Tunisia by burning himself in protest is certainly just BS. Such events of self-immolation by Tunisians in protest or due to other reasons have taken place before already and no one has been able to trigger such an “Arab Spring” in Tunis / Tunisia. At least, this would not have been possible without the help and the meddling of foreign powers.

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