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Tony Blair Apologizes for Iraq War, Next Step?

Rare colour photo of the trial at Nuremberg

Nothing less than the like of the Nuremberg Trials. When a former official of a country apologizes for any crime he was accomplice within his capacity, that’s just the beginning, Tony Blair is not an exception and shouldn’t be, and the ‘International Community’ today faces one of its main challenges to prove itself as powers for security and stability in the world or just a bunch of hypocrite criminals using the might of their countries’ militaries to conduct evil and get away with it.

The Nuremberg Trials (November 1945 – October 1946) tried a number of mainly German Nazi party officials for crimes during their official capacities. The results of hanging or skipping the tried officials is not the point, those are individuals dead, the repercussions afterwards is what matters. Germany was destroyed, looted, its people slaughtered en mass, and until today pays compensations as a country and not as individuals. What would make the case of Blair – Bush different?

The only thing we don’t want to see is having the UK and the USA destroyed and their people slaughtered, like what they themselves did to the Germans. But they have to pay compensations and they have to come clean forward.

Ton your Blair apologizes for his crimes in Iraq war
Tony Blair former prime minister of the UK apologizes for his role in the Iraq war during a TV interview.

He was not working as Tony Blair, an individual person, he was the prime minister, the head of the UK, a democratically elected leader of that country. Whatever he did during his tenure was in the name of and the acceptance of his people. They all take the blame: they all have to pay compensations and work towards reversing all the steps taken by them, opening up all classifieds dossiers, revealing all the evidences and accomplices, help the people fighting the terrorist groups that emerged ensuing the illegal invasion wherever they emerged with arms, money and logistical support without contributing themselves, they should pass all these materials and aid to the governments of Iraq and Syria as a start.

This should start and it won’t end soon, all those officials in the United Kingdom and the United States of America and all their buddies who helped them, who were involved should stand trial, if justice is not served then expect the worse.

Rare colour photo of the trial at Nuremberg
Rare colour photo of the trial at Nuremberg, depicting the defendants, guarded by American Military Police – Wikipedia

It was the same regimes in the UK and the US that invaded Iraq the same regimes that forced Gaddafi, the former leader of Libya they killed later, to pay US $10 Million per family of the 270 victims of Lockerbie doomed flight. Libya is just a tiny country comparing with these 2 super powers, yet it was forced to pay in the same year of the Iraq invasion by the same Blair – Bush duo US $2.7 billion as compensations for 270 victims. Who is interested in doing the math here and see how many Iraqi, Syrian and other victims killed, maimed, injured, disabled, displaced, raped (in US prisons and in general), lost their properties.. were there due to the illegal US – UK invasion of Iraq and the ensuing devastation? We don’t want to predict but we can start now.

Put those criminals on trial, ask the Obama and the Cameron regimes to hand over all those accomplice and all the information they kept classified until date. Then only we would consider these countries to have repented their multiple crimes against humanity in just 12 years ago.

Until all the above is achieved, the US and the UK regimes along with all those who stood beside them, should keep totally silent in the international arena especially when it comes to Human Rights.

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