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Obama: A President of a Nation or a Dictator Serving Corporations?

Protest against Monsanto GMO

Barack Hussein Obama the 44th president of the United States of America and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, has surpassed all expectations to who he really serves: not the people who thought they elected him democratically but the corporates and lobbies who placed him to serve them instead.

As a foreign observer I see a lot of what those brainwashed masses inside the United States don’t see for many reasons and one of them could be I’m privileged that I speak more than one language thus have a wider vision, I read more, I don’t trust media channels and outlets that survive by showing ads, among other reasons.

Having said that, it does strike me that this might be an interfering in other people’s internal affairs, had it not been the USA which now I believe I have all the right to do so and that also for at least: The USAians (citizens of the USA) export their ‘values’ and ‘way of living’ through military might, intimidation and covert operations; that they forced their dictation over many countries that pegged its currencies to the US dollar thus whatever affects the USAians affect others, and of course because the US regime has interfered in my country which entitles me and every other Syrian to interfere in their country based on the international ‘Principal of Repreocity’. I have to state here that those in the other camp, anti-Syria Coalition (aka Friends of Syria [sic]) are lucky we are their foes and they don’t have people with similar evil wills as they have as their foes.

Obama signs Monsanto Protection Act ignoring all health concerns
Obama signs Monsanto Protection Act ignoring all health concerns

In the news, as you can see in the above image, the president of the United States of America signed an Act that secures a group of corporates and their industries from litigation despite a petition signed by over quarter a million of his own people to veto this bill. What does that mean? It means these infamous corporations of the likes of Monsanto with a dangerous conduct against farmers can grow their Genetically Modified Organisms GMOs and Genetically Engineered seeds (GEs) without any challenge even by cases in Federal Courts. In other words, they’re free to do whatever they deem with the food of the USAians driven with greed and evil with no fear of any persecution before courts of law. In the old days a federal judge can stop an act or challenge it, now an Act stops the whole justice system. Even in the most retard political dictatorships on the planet, like the Saudi for instance, this couldn’t be thinkable of.

But what do you expect from a Nobel Peace Prize laureate who bombed another Nobel Peace Prize laureate? Or a president of country who resorts to terrorist groups to achieve political goals in other countries no matter what the price could be, of course after rebranding them into ‘Moderate Rebels‘? Or a head of state who hides a war criminal at large wanted for crimes against humanity even with the latest confession from that criminal’s buddy in crime? Or from a Commander in Chief who bombs his own citizens without trial (Obama droned Awlaki in Yemen)? Or an ‘elected’ president in a self-proclaimed democracy who leads his predecessors and peers in issuing Executive Orders? Or a president of one country ordering the change of presidents of other countries by all means including the most low-level very costly evil means? Or a leader of a country a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council who’s main role is to preserve security and stability in the world twists a resolution by the same Security Council and instead of imposing a No Fly Zone to protect civilians, he bombs those civilians from the air and kill their leader Gaddafi without trial and turning his country into a swamp for producing  and exporting terror, again? Or….

Early December 2012, a Syrian child was coerced by US FSA friends to hack off the head of a Syrian man, with a machete.
Early December 2012, a Syrian child was coerced by US FSA friends to hack off the head of a Syrian man, with a machete.

Just a small comparison, the Syrian parliament issued a law approved and signed by the Syrian president Dr. Bashar Assad in the year 2012 under the number Law 24/ 2012 which bans the import, produce and distribution of GMOs to ‘preserve the health of human beings, animals, vegetables and the environment.’ While Dr. Assad is a main target of that same US president we’re talking about.. and this is just one more reason.

With such a president who serves the interests of few people over his own majority citizens’ interests, we’ll being and welfare, who needs a traitor and a ruthless dictator?

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