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Three Martyrs by Terrorists’ Mortar Shells on Bab Sharqi Area, and Tishreen Stadium

Mar 12, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA) –Two mortar shells fell on Monday in Bab Sharqi area in Damascus, causing the martyrdom and injury of several  citizens, in addition to material damage.

A source at Damascus Police Command told SANA that a mortar shell fell behind the shops on the way to al-Dweilaa town and led to the martyrdom of three citizens and injuring 28 others.

The source pointed out that a mortar shell fell in al-Misk avenue in Bab Sharqi, causing material damage, but no casualties were reported.

Another mortar shell fell in Tishreen Stadium during a football match between Banyas Refinery Team and Omaya Team, causing the injury of a number of players and administrative staff.

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