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Aljazeera Behind the Kidnapping of Raghda Father

Information circulated in Aleppo among the armed groups that AlJazeera was involved in the kidnap of Actress Raghda’s father, Mahmoud Naanaa (Photo). Even though the old man is almost 90, suffers from Alzheimer & had been forgetful for the last 11 years.

AlJazeera had planned the kidnap thinking to fabricate a story of his joining the revolution. They were surprised to find the old man’s mental state so bad. They weren’t able to make him say anything on camera to prove that he was mentally stable. So, they tried to make it look like he was kidnapped for ransom. But FSA’s fast adoption of the incident and posting news that Mahmoud Naanaa has joined the revolution, had halted such an attempt.

Same source claimed that Faisal AlQasem, a Syrian host in AlJazeera was behind the plan. Ghada Awees, AlJazeera hostess was to interview the man. But after seeing his state she knew they couldn’t make the story.

Raghda was contacted yesterday by AlJazeera, they offered to help free her father.

Raghda’s strong support to the Syrian Arab Army & the Syrian government was the reason for personal attack on her character by many “Revolution” supporters. Video of Raghda in Aleppo, in a pro-regime rally:

Raghda few days before the kidnap of her father, talking to the media of the conspiracy against Syria & singing the Syrian national anthem in Egypt:

Photo of Ghada Awees in Aleppo on 11/3/2013, just arrived for the big story.

Raghda reaction to her father’s kidnap:



– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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