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thousands march news stays silent


Yes, we did not see pictures of people marching in Central London on BBC or CNN or any other channel which feeds propaganda for fools on the expense of poor and murdered innocent Arabs.
However what is more funny that our truth speakers,
show only videos of Isreali army cancelling mission due to the presence of civilians.
So how the heck did more than 300+ civilian die.(Mostly women and children)
Did the king of death send some secret agents or did Mr Natanyaho send his small* bombs on the head of PALESTINIANS.
I think its hard to guess!
OK some Trolls will tell me: GO to hell no proof !?
OK OK wait so all these pictures of destruction and all these dead bodies in pictures and …… are fake.
You want me to post some…My pleasure.

Early December 2012, a Syriann child was coerced by U.S. FSA friends to hack off the head of a Syrian man with a machete.
thousands march news stays silent
thousands march news stays silent
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