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The US Army Smuggles 45 Tankers of Stolen Syrian Oil into Iraq

Oil tanker smuggling stolen Syrian oil for the US Army from northern Syria into Iraq - صهريج ينقل نفط سوري مسروق لمصلحة الجيش الامريكي من شمال سورية الى شمال العراق

The US Army continues to plunder the Syrian oil to deprive the Syrian people of their own fuel in continuing the anti-Semitic Antichrist agenda carried out by the ‘liberals’ of the ‘free world’ led by NATO, the ‘defensive’ alliance.

An additional 45 oil tankers were smuggled by the US Army and its Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists out of Syria into neighboring Iraq yesterday, Saturday 03, June 2023.

Local sources reported that the tankers loaded with stolen Syrian oil from the Syrian oil fields in Hasakah province, northeast of Syria, were smuggled by the US Army and its local Kurdish proxy forces into northern Iraq through the illegal Mahmoudiya border crossing in the Yarubiyah countryside in the same Syrian province.

The former leader of the US-led NATO ‘defensive’ alliance, US former president Trump repeated more than once that he’s ‘keeping the Syrian oil’ arrogantly stating ‘he likes oil’ in a repetition to a similar saying of the disgraced former US president and war criminal George W. Bush when he blatantly said ‘the USA is addicted to oil’ justifying the US invasion of Iraq and its occupation of that oil-rich country.

The US Army, or any other NATO armies or their allies was sent to Syria to combat ISIS or to fight terrorism, terrorism, especially that of ISIS and al Qaeda thrives wherever the US Army is deployed, without fail, terrorism is only defeated when the US Army ‘stops combating terrorism!’

Several leaders of the NATO ‘defensive’ alliance did not hide their evil agenda for stealing Syrian oil and wheat, saying they use it as leverage against the Syrian government bragging about the harm and suffering their illegal policies in Syria inflicted on the millions of the Syrian people.

The stealing of Syrian oil is a daily practice by the US Army and its proxy terrorists in northern Syria, there are dozens of tankers carrying stolen Syrian oil and lorries carrying stolen Syrian wheat smuggled by the leader of the so-called ‘free world’ to the US military bases in northern Iraq and from it to Israel, ISIS (ISIL – Daesh), and other entities funded by the US taxpayers across the region.

We, at Syria News, do not have the resources to report on the US Army’s theft of Syrian oil every day but we try our level best to bring it to the notice of our readers whenever it’s possible hoping one day the citizens of the member states of NATO, the ‘defensive’ alliance, especially the US taxpayers and voters would hold their officials to account for these crimes committed in their names and using their hard-earned taxes which in normal countries would have been used to better their own lives instead of destroying the lives of innocent people across the globe.

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  1. Roy

    So-called Western Civilization, obviously needs to go extinct, I sincerely regret having ever mated one them or even ever having been born from one them; these things with their roots in Europe really must be the most disgusting animal that ever existed

  2. Muhammad Turkmani

    The Western values they keep telling us about.

    Our region is meant to keep on receiving these crusaders every century and to destroy them each time, back home, their own countries are getting rotten from the inside with their own hands not to mention the victims of their colonialism and invasions are slowly but methodically taking over their countries.

  3. Roy

    To MUHAMMAD TURKMANI ; yes, but the so-called invaders, not including those from north of our border are guest who betrayed their own citizens from back home, wherever that may have been in service of America or the British, etcetera, so, it’s not so much our victims coming here as it is our victimizers; more importantly, the transfer of oil in Syria is so efficient that I can’t help but wonder if in fact the oil isn’t so much being stolen as it is being sold under the table, but in the open.

  4. Roy

    Why would this story have been missed; is it a near every day occurrence ?
    The Russian accusation comes days after the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service alleged that the United States was preparing terrorist attacks in crowded places in Syria, coordinated by the American military base at Al-Tanf.

    The report went so far as to say that numerous ISIS fighters were being trained at the military base, and the group’s ranks were frequently restocked by “terrorists” who have been freed by the Americans from detention facilities in the region of northeastern Syria.

    The statement was made days after US Central Command (CENTCOM) released videos of two separate encounters between American aircraft and fully equipped Russian Su-35 Flanker-E fighter jets over Syria, as previously reported by EurAsian Times.

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