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5 Syrian Army Soldiers Killed in Northern Damascus Countryside

SAA Syrian Arab Army Emblem - شعار الجيش العربي السوري

Five Syrian Arab Army soldiers were killed in clashes with armed men in Damascus Countryside province near the borders with Lebanon, local sources said.

The SAA soldiers were ambushed by unknown armed men near the village of Hosh Arab some 30 kilometers north of the Syrian Capital Damascus in the Damascus Countryside province and less than 5 kilometers to the Lebanese borders.

Heavy clashes erupted with the armed men resulting in the killing of Syrian Arab Army soldiers: Adham Bakkour, Hani Ibrahim Jumaa, Ibrahim Saleh Jumaa, Muhannad Ali Hamza, and Abdul Rahman Omar Jumaa.

Syrian Arab Army soldiers killed by US-sponsored terrorists near Damascus
Syrian Arab Army soldiers killed by armed men in the northern Damascus Countryside.

The local sources reporting the news did not elaborate further on the circumstances of this attack, and the Syrian authorities have launched an investigation as the Syrian Arab Army started combing the rough terrain in the area.

Cross-border smugglers operating on both sides of the Syrian – Lebanese borders do not usually resort to such attacks. They would avoid confronting the Syrian customs agents and security personnel and would do their best to avoid coming near the Syrian Arab Army soldiers knowing they will be decimated.

Unless the smugglers were involved in moving material between the two countries that is so dangerous to the extent they risk a confrontation and retribution by the Syrian Arab Army, clashing with the SAA let alone ambushing SAA soldiers is more like the work of NATO-sponsored terrorists the likes of Al Qaeda FSA or its ISIS (ISIL – Deash) offshoots.

The Syrian Arab Army and the Hezb Allah Lebanese Resistance fought fierce battles with ISIS and other NATO-sponsored US-created terrorists occupying large areas of the tough terrain between Syria and Lebanon ending concluding the cleaning of the region in mid-August 2017 after 3 years of daily horrors committed by those terrorists.

If there’s an emergence of these terrorist groups, it means the US officials are not reading the current military and political developments properly and need a serious wakening up slap.

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  1. Roy

    There’s an apparent sort of deep depravity in the minds of those who rob and murder the likes of those who inhabit Europe and North America; I doubt that there’s any hope for them; not faith or wooden stakes through their hearts will keep them down

  2. Roy

    ” The Eurasia Times”; probably an outsourced CIA front, seeing as they’re located in Canada, but at least it’s not the mainstream media dribble that the US is so famous for.


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