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The Lebanese Army Loses Two Soldiers Fighting NATO Terrorists

Dawn of Jurds - Lebanese Army with Hezb Allah and the SAA Syrian Arab Army vs ISIS 2017

The Lebanese Army stated that two of its soldiers were killed in an attack against one of its posts in Arman, Minya, in the north of Lebanon, the attack was carried out by a terrorist group.

A statement by the Lebanese Army said: ‘Terrorists in a car opened fire towards the guards in one of the army posts in the locality of Arman – Al-Minya, and the officers responded to the source of the fire in kind. As a result, two soldiers were killed, in addition to the killing of one of the terrorists, and the other terrorists fled to an unknown destination.’

This terrorist attack was carried out a few hours after a security operation by a Lebanese law enforcement agency backed by the Lebanese Army killed 13 ISIS-affiliated terrorists and arrested 15 others in Wadi Khalid near Lebanon’s northern borders with Syria.

In a sequence of events that can’t be unconnected unrest followed the anticipated resignation of the prime minister designated Mustapha Adib after a firing speech by the Saudi king, an assault by US officials, and pressure from Lebanon’s former colonial power France. All of these added to an increasing presence of Erdogan’s loyalists in the northern parts of the country.

It’s been over 1.5 months since the massive explosion at the Beirut Port that led to the resignation of the Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab which was formed under the pressure of US-funded NGOs that led to the resignation of his predecessor Saad Hariri, seems the economic pressure alone by the US and its minions was not fruitful therefore a need to activate terrorist groups in Lebanon who did carry out a number of attacks and one of their highest plots to ignite a new civil war was foiled when vigilant members of the Lebanese Syrian Social Nationalist Party engaged with terrorists who wanted to assassinate a top figure of Christian party in Koura district in the North Lebanon Governorate back last month.

Three members of the SSNP were killed in the exchange of fire with the terrorist group in the Koura district. The terrorist group was affiliated to an ISIS terrorist cell led by Khalid Tallawi, who was later killed with a number of his aides in a nightly raid carried out by the Lebanese Army on the 13th of September in the city of Tripoli, north of Lebanon, the Lebanese Army lost four of its personnel in the raid.

The main problem in Lebanon is nothing other than a group of warlords from the Lebanese civil war era sponsored by and loyal to Saudi Arabia who retained their seats of power since the 1992 ‘Taif Accord’ that put an end to the civil war. This group of warlords ruled through an unimaginable level of corruption, sectarian and feudal undemocratic political parties created to participate in fake calculated elections which were meant to maintain the status quo.

These warlords and war criminals-turned politicians were later augmented with terrorists trained and armed by NATO member state Turkey, and managed by two joint black op room based in Turkey and Jordan. They serve the interests of foreign powers protecting them and in the end serve the interests of Israel directly, and indirectly. on the account of their own people.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Really sad news, the Lebanese people, in their majority, are bleeding just like the Syrians while their enemies and the traitors and terrorists continue their plot in destroying the Levant for Israel.


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