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Erdogan Kills Seven Syrian Civilians, Two of them Children in Ras Al Ain

Car explosion in Ras Al Ain - Hasakah province kills 7 civilians two of them children

Ras Al Ain, Hasakah: An explosive device planted in a car was detonated in the city killed seven civilians among them were two children, many others injured.

The car was parked near a petrol station and a wedding hall not far from the industrial zone at the southern entrance of Ras Al Ain yesterday evening. In addition to the victims, the explosion left massive material damage in the surrounding.

The victims were rushed to the National Hospital of Ras Al Ain and to a number of private clinics and firefighters and locals worked on extinguishing the fires and removing the rubble where at least five houses were damaged partially or in full from the massive explosion in addition to 13 vehicles in the site.

This explosion comes just one day after a similar explosion targeted a passenger’s bus in the village of Tal Halaf, less than four kilometers to the southeast of Ras Al Ain, which killed three civilians and injured twelve in the targeted bus.

A new day and a new terrorist attack and new victims added to the long list of Syrians killed, maimed, and displaced in the regions under the control of the Turkish madman Erdogan and assorted terrorist groups. Erdogan claims he’s attacking the Kurdish separatists SDF and its affiliates, and the Kurds pop up in areas where the USA wants Erdogan to use their presence as justification for invading those areas and later Israelize it.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    New day and new terror and new innocent victims by the war criminals who at the same time preach us about humanity and blame their victims for the crimes they commit against them. It’s not the problem with Erdogan as a person, he didn’t come from thin air, he was elected by the majority of the Turks and they even empowered his dictatorship with absolute powers also by a majority in a referendum recently. That much they’re fools or that much they’re criminals?


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