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terrorists killed in homs and idleb

Mar 08, 2013

HOMS, (SANA)_An army unit and the border guards foiled on Thursday a terrorists’ attempt to enter Syria from Lebanon near Kherbet al-Nouaimat site in al-Qusayr countryside in Homs.

An official source told SANA that most of the group’s members were killed while the rest fled into the Lebanese territories.
The source added that terrorists were killed and others injured in army operations in Homs old city. Terrorists’ dens and gatherings were destroyed in al-Makramieh, al-Ashrafieh and al-Rastan, and in several areas in al-Qusayr countryside.

Meanwhile, an army unit foiled terrorists’ attempt to detonate five explosive devices planted by terrorist groups on the road linking Rableh and Jousieh towns in al-Qusayr countryside.

Terrorists Killed in Idleb, Suicide Car Bombing Thwarted in Idleb Countryside
A unit of the armed forces thwarted a suicide attempt to blow up a car near al-Nayrab camp in Idleb countryside.
An official source told SANA that the camp’s guards shot the car 600 meters before entering the camp, destroying it along with the terrorists inside.
Another army unit killed terrorists in a qualitative operation in Bannish city and destroyed their vehicles.
An army unit repelled armed groups who tried to attack the Youth and al-Qarmid camps in Idleb countryside. Heavy losses were inflicted on the terrorists while the rest fled into the surrounding villages and orchards.

Army units also destroyed terrorists’ dens in Khan Sheikhoun, al-Hamedieh and Heesh, and in al-Najieh and Bakseriya in Jisr al-Shoughour, and also in Abu al-Zohour, Tal Salmo, Om Jrein, al-Boueti and al-Hamidieh, killing and injuring the terrorists.

A unit of the armed forces also targeted terrorists’ gatherings and dens in Ta’oum, al-Talhieh, Sarjeh, al-Maghara, al-Nayrab and Majdalia, inflicting heavy losses upon them.

A unit of the armed forces destroyed two machinegun-equipped cars in Jabal al-Arba’in and another one carrying terrorists on Nahlia road, killing all the terrorists inside.

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