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Syrian & Russian Armies Eliminate 630 NATO’s Al Qaeda Terrorists

Syrian and Russian Armies Eliminate 630 NATO Al Qaeda Terrorists

Syria and Russia military leaders held a joint press conference on 7 November to detail the successful work of the two countries in destroying al Qaeda terrorist factions involved in the horrific drone bombing of the Homs Military Cadets graduation ceremony on 5 October.

The carnage resulted in 89 murders of graduates, military teachers, family and friends, and injuries to more than two hundred who were part of what should have been a joyous occasion. The two generals told the reporters that one thousand, one hundred twenty-five (1,125) terrorist targets were successfully destroyed.

NATO countries’ response to the massacre was silence; not a single world leader sent any words of condolence to President Bashar al-Assad and the citizenry of the Syrian Arab Republic.

NATO diplomats of the UN also did not extend messages of consolation, though Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, and his incompetent Special Envoy on Syria, Geir O. Pedersen, immediately voiced passionate concern for the safety of the al Qaeda warlords still occupying Idlib – and the same concern also from Dan Stoenescu, head of the EU Delegation against to Syria, freshly returned from his trip to Gaziantep, where he cheerfully handed €4 million of Europeans’ tax monies to the titular head of the stethoscope-less al Nusra White Helmets.

Faithful to NATO imperialism language, the above trio used the word “retaliation,” as it seems impossible for colonialists intent on hammering out a new Sykes-Picot against the Levantine Republic to consider the sane idea that successful attacks on the terrorist warlords would prevent the mass murderers from having the ability to slaughter more Syrians.

Held at the Armed Forces Club, the press conference was addressed by Major General Hassen Suleimani, the Director of the Political Department of the Syrian Arab Army, and Major General Vadim Collet, the Head of the Russian Coordination Center in Damascus.

Gen. Suleimani opened the joint presser by telling all that the “Syrian Arab Army, in coordination with the friendly Russian forces operating in Syria, launched a series of specific operations and focused strikes that targeted the organizations….[that] committed the terrorist attack on the Military College in Homs.”

The Syrian general announced: “The joint Syrian-Russian operations led to the destruction of all targeted sites and headquarters, including ammunition and equipment depots, and the elimination of hundreds of terrorists affiliated with the so-called ‘Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS),’ the ‘Turkistan Islamic Party,’ and other terrorist organizations, and to the paralysis of combat and organizational capabilities…preventing them from regrouping and creating a state of chaos and panic among them, [causing them] to seek help from their masters and employers following the heavy losses they suffered.”

Assistance from those “masters and employers” quickly came from al Qaeda’s first air force, the IAF, which simultaneously bombed Damascus and Aleppo International Airports on 12 October. Such war crimes have persisted, as grotesquely evidenced by Israel, the US, ISIS, and al Qaeda all bombing Syria on 8 November.

Maj. Gen. Collet detailed, “that in cooperation with the Syrian army, the appropriate response was implemented to this crime committed by terrorist organizations against the officer cadets of the Military College in Homs, and that the response was ‘to target observation points and terrorist headquarters with aircraft and artillery and strike 23 A control point, training camps, and 35 tunnels and underground shelters,’ stressing that ‘all those involved in this crime will receive the punishment they deserve.'”

General Collet further noted:

The joint Syrian-Russian operations included the implementation of more than 230 air strikes by Russian aviation, and the implementation of more than 900 fire missions by Russian and Syrian artillery on sites of terrorist organizations, during which more than 630 terrorists were eliminated, including 34 of the leaders. 15 experts of foreign nationalities, 450 others injured, and 1,125 targets destroyed, including the destruction of 467 points and the destruction of terrorist weapons and equipment, including 153 vehicles [a video clip of the military operations shown at the press conference, here.]

Despite the war criminal assistance to al Qaeda factions from the US, and from Israel, the joint SAA – Russian military operation has successfully reduced “the combat capabilities of terrorist organizations,” has killed or dispersed their demonic leaders, and has significantly decreased the morale of these mass murderers.

The value of al Qaeda factions, including the fraudulent, US taxpayer-funded NGO’s that function as mouthpieces for the State Department and NATO-affiliated Scum Media morale dysfunction can not be underestimated.

Given the humiliation of Secretary-General Guterres, when the Israeli ambassador to the UN publicly demanded his resignation, and given Secretary of State Antony Blinken – reduced to beggar status by the United State’s biggest welfare queen – being reminded to not let the door hit him in the tuchus as he exited from his third trip to Jerusalem since 7 October, there has been no room for the NATO junta ruling the United Nations to hold emergency meetings to condemn the obliteration of the P3 members’ beloved warlord terrorists in the SAR.

On 7 November, Syria and Russia brought good news to the civilized of humanity: One thousand, one hundred twenty-five terror targets have been destroyed.

Every inch of Syria will be liberated
Syria President Dr. Bashar al-Assad: “Every inch of Syria will be liberated”

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