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1.5 Million Syrian Refugees Returned to Syria

Syrian Refugees in Lebanon - Horrific Conditions

In spite of the massive campaign by Western powers and their regional stooges, more than 1.5 million Syrian refugees managed to return to Syria already, many more have registered their desire to return and awaiting logistics.

Today, Monday, October 1st, a new group of 4,100 Syrian refugees in Lebanon will be heading back home with the help of the Lebanese General Security apparatus.

The refugees returning today will use three border crossings with Lebanon. The main Masna’a crossing, in addition to Abboudieh crossing and Zamarani crossing which was designated for those returning from the infamous Lebanese Arsal town, once the stronghold of ISIS and Nusra Front terrorists in the tiny country.

Syrian refugees returning from Arsal is a major sign of the failure of the propaganda the Syrian people are constantly bombarded with by NATO and its regional mouthpieces. It also demonstrates the failure of the Saudi policies in Lebanon, where the current PM Hariri and his bloc wasted no effort in pressuring the Syrian refugees to keep them in Lebanon and use them as a bargaining chip against their country.

Lebanese incumbent government, they continue to fail to form one several months after their parliament elections, is split over Syria with the patriotic wing pushing for cooperation with the Syrian government to facilitate the return of the refugees to their country, while the Saudi wing headed by PM Hariri double standards arm terrorist groups in Syria, abuse the humanitarian conditions of the refugees in Lebanon and yet issue political empty statements of their concern over the safety of those refugees.

The horrific conditions the Syrian refugees in Lebanon were forced to live in by the Saudi-owned Lebanese politicians will never be forgotten nor forgiven and will remain a black stain in Lebanese history. Syria has received tens of thousands of Lebanese refugees during Lebanon’s never-ending crises, yet none of them was humiliated or put in a tent, let alone in such miserable tents outside rural towns and under electricity high voltage cables.

Syrian Refugees in Lebanon in Horrible Conditions
Syrian refugees in Lebanon were placed in horrible conditions

During a meeting at the Russian embassy in Lebanon, Russian Major General Yevgeny Ilyin stated that 1,470,000 Syrian refugees have returned to Syria in cooperation with a number of countries and international organizations.

The Russian general added that work is undergoing to rehabilitate the infrastructure facilities in Syria to serve the Syrian refugees upon their return, which includes 138 schools, 116 children playgrounds, 109 bakeries, 113 water pumping stations, 119 electricity sub-stations, 106 health care clinics and 79 colleges and university faculties.

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