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Syrian Foreign Minister in Saudi for the First Time in 12 Years

Syrian foreign minister Mikdad meets Saudi FM Farhan in Jeddah

Syrian foreign minister landed in Jeddah and met his Saudi counterpart in an additional step toward restoring full diplomatic ties with the Al Saud kingdom.

Minister Faysal Al Mikdad arrived in Saudi’s main port city Jeddah, the first top-level visit between the two Arab countries after over 12 years of the Saudi regime’s direct involvement in the dirty US-led terrorist war against the Syrian people, the Saudis were the main financiers of the tens of thousands of terrorists invading Syria throughout the past years of evil and darkness.

The Syrian foreign minister met his Saudi counterpart Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud and followed with a press statement if read properly, shows some of the one-sided Saudi roles in the war on Syria:

“The (two ministers) discussed the efforts exerted to realize a political solution to the crisis in Syria that keeps its security, stability, Arab and Islamic identity, and territorial integrity in the interest of the Syrian people.”

The statement adds:

“The two sides stressed the importance of solving the humanitarian difficulties, providing a suitable environment to deliver aid to all regions in Syria, availing the proper conditions for the return of Syrian refugees and the displaced to their areas, ending their suffering and taking more procedures that help stabilize the situation all over Syrian territories.”

And the practical part:

“The two sides also affirmed the necessity of boosting security, combating terrorism in all its forms and boosting cooperation regarding the war on smuggling drugs and trafficking in it, and the need to support the Syrian State’s institutions to establish its control on its territories to end the presence of the armed militias and the foreign interventions in the Syrian domestic affair.”

In the above practical part of the statement, the steps taken by the Saudi regime under the leadership of the US successive juntas of Obama and Biden, Trump, and Biden, are ‘affirmed’ to be reversed by the Saudi Kingdom.

Saudi Arabia has been fundamental in exporting and imposing its anti-Islamic version of Wahhabism based on the teachings of a cleric whose ‘fatwas’ (judicial rulings) justified the bloody takeover by the first Al Saud king over today’s known kingdom. Every such fatwa was in total opposite of the mainstream Islam doctrine, akin to what Zionism is to Judaism.

Saudi Arabia along with Qatar, Saudi’s mini Wahhabi sister gas station masquerading as a state provided at least 138 billion US dollars between 2010 and May 2017 alone to finance the ‘peaceful’ protests in Syria by the tens of thousands of fanatics head-choppers and suicide bombers imported from all sides of the world to ‘protect’ the Syrian people from their own fathers, brothers, and sisters serving in the Syrian Arab Army.

In addition to the finance of these fanatics, the Saudi regime worked hard to promote its Wahhabi twisted version of Islam trying to kill as many Muslims at the hands of brainwashed Muslims across the planet to serve non-other than the Globalists, the US hegemonic Zionist Satanists who were trying to control the world and ‘de-populate’ the planet.

The ‘necessity to boost security’ and ‘combat terrorism’ come from the Saudi side after the current Suadi regime of Muhammad bin Salman realized it was next on the plate of Zionist Globalists seeing what the US-led camp has done to Russia as a state, financial institutions, and the Orthodox Russian people, who will heinously attack other Christians based on sectarian ideologies will not spare the followers of another religion, and what concerned the Saudis more and brought some senses to their politics is the seizure of Russian assets in the Wild West, and the price cap the ‘collective west’ tried to impose on the exports of Russian oil.

“The two sides welcomed the beginning of procedures to resume the consular services and aerial flights between the two countries.”

Saudi Arabia severed all its ties with Syria, imposed a blockade on Syrian trade and Syrian flights over its territories, engaged in an economic war against the Syrian Lira, and went to the extent of banning Syrian pilgrims from performing their one-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage to Mecca, all under the guise of promoting freedom and political reforms in Syria, the country whose parliament predates the foundation of Saudi Arabia itself, who had 11 political parties before 2010 and now has 19 of them most of which won seats in the parliament.

Saudi Arabia, the ‘most retard political system in the world’ as President Bashar Al Assad once described it, promoting democracy and political reforms in Syria is like the USA promoting democracy through regime change coups, proxy wars, invasions, assassinations, and the US and its Europan minions promoting free speech by banning all Syrian, Iranian, and Russian media!

Saudi-Sponsored Jaysh al-Islam Drove Women and Children in Cages in Pick-up Vehicles on Douma Streets

Saudi’s failure in defeating Yemen, the defeat of its proxy terrorist groups in Syria most notably the 60 thousand strong (Al Qaeda affiliated) ‘Jaysh Al Islam’ in Douma, and the rise of the Russian – Cino led BRICS in the face of the fading US-led western empire helped convince the Saudis not to continue betting on the sinking ship and follow their interests most importantly after the senile Biden’s policies of enmity toward the Saudi de facto ruler Muhammad bin Salman following the honeymoon with Trump and his son-in-law Kushner.

The Syrian people have mixed feelings toward this rapprochement with Saudi Arabia, on one hand, such rapprochement means fewer Syrian children killed by Saudi-funded terrorists, and on the other hand, the main question is what about accountability for the crimes committed against Syria and its people by the Al Saud? Keep in mind that Iraq for many years after toppling Saddam Hussein in the US and UK illegal invasion continued to pay Kuwait reparations for the first Iraqi invasion of Kuwait instigated by the Kuwaitis at the time.

However, the Syrian people have trust in the Syrian leadership of President Al Assad despite their distaste for seeing the excitement of Foreign Minister Al Mikdad when meeting his Arab counterparts.

The Syrian – Saudi rapprochement would also help, to a little extent, in strengthening Syria’s position in the face of the regime of NATO Turkish madman Erdogan.

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