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The Syrian Creative Mind Continues, Despite Sanctions & Assassinations

Propolis is also called bee glue.

The Syrian creative mind continues, despite draconian sanctions and assassinations of Syrian scientists. This week, creative Syrian minds won 4 gold medals & a silver one, received during the Macedonia Invention Fair. All awards involved the field of dental science. Such exciting news follows the recent breakthrough at Heart Hospital University performing the first mitral valve transplant. In June, Syria’s first corneal transplant restored sight to a blind woman. 

Syrian - From the Macedonia Inventors Awards ceremony
From the Macedonia Inventors Awards ceremony.

From SANA:

Damascus, SANA 12 October. – Syrian inventors working in the field of dentistry won 4 gold medals and 1 silver medal at the International Fair of Patents, Inventions, Innovations, and New Technologies (INOVAMAK) 2018, which was held in Macedonia on September 21-23.

Syria - From the Macedonia Inventors Awards ceremony.

Dr. Mohammad Imad al-Droubi won two gold medals for the unified kit for dental implant systems and titanium mesh for reconstructing the jaw bone over the inferior alveolar nerve, while Dr. Ibrahim Tourkmani and Eng. Omar al-Jabaee and their colleagues won a gold medal for their patent for a mixture of Propolis and acrylic resin.

Dr. Rashad Murad won another gold medal for the Murad dental bridge, and Dr. Ameed Abdulkarim won a silver medal for developing a turbine handpiece for dentistry.

SyriaNews addenda:

The alveolar nerve is an offshoot of the mandibular (jaw) nerve.

A closer look at the alveolar nerve.
A closer look at the alveolar nerve.

The mandibular nerve is the 3rd branch of the trigeminal nerve, the 5th of only 10 cranial nerves of the brain.

brain showing 10 cranial nerves

One of the gold medals was given for the patent for the mixture of propolis and an acrylic resin, that which is made thermoplastic.

The ramifications and potential future applications to these developments are immense, and may even prove to be a cure for trigeminal neuralgia.

Miri Wood

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