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Syrian Army Kills Terrorists in Damascus and Homs

Syrian Arab Army

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continues its cleansing operations against the foreign-backed militants and terrorists in several regions of the Arab nation.

Some units of the Syrian army continued their mop-up operations against the jihadists and gunmen in the Syrian city of Homs and the countryside of this city, while other troops of the Syrian forces proceeded with their operations against these foreign-backed terrorists and religious fanatics in the countryside of the Syrian capital, Damascus.

For example, according to a source from the Syrian military in the city of Homs, the Syrian army units have already made a good advancement in the al-Khaldiyeh district of the Syrian city of Homs and the army units were again able to remove a large amount of foreign-backed terrorists in the city. The same applies for the so-called Bab Hud neighbourhood of the Syrian city of Homs. There, several armed terrorists were also eliminated by soldiers of the Syrian army in some battles.

In addition, the units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) were again able to destroy further vehicles of the foreign-backed militants and Takfiri fighters Talbiseh that is located in the once beautiful countryside of the Syrian city of Homs. In these battles, several terrorists were killed and some injured.

Of course, the cleansing operations by the units of the Syrian army are also continued in the countryside of the Syrian capital, Damascus.

For example, there were some battles in the area of Ghouta as well as in the southern and south-western region of the countryside of Damascus. The operations caused the death of several foreign-supported jihadists, especially in eastern Ghouta, including some foreign fighters.

Two explosive devices, weighing 30 to 60 kilogram, were dismantled by a Syrian engineering unit near the Toyota Company on the road between Homs and the capital, Damascus. In addition, and this is interesting, some surveillance cameras were confiscated in this area near the Toyota Company.

In Harasta, several militants were also removed from Syrian soil. The battle took place near the water tank of Harasta. Among the eliminated terrorists was the wanted criminal Abdul-Rahman Eyoun.

Syrian Army
Syrian Army

There were further battles in the countryside of the Syrian capital Damascus yesterday. Some battles took place between the Syrian army units and the foreign-backed fighters and Al Qaeda-linked jihadists in the southern region of the Damascus countryside, primarily in the Syrian towns of Hijjera and al-Ziabieh.

There, the units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) was able to also destroy a mortar cannon and several heavy machineguns. In addition, some further foreign-backed Takfiri terrorists and Israeli slaves were killed near the Syrian town of Hijjera in the southern region of the capital, Damascus.

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