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More Saudis from the FSA Killed by the Syrian Arab Army Near Damascus

Takfiri Militants in Syria

FSA or the ‘Free Syrian Army’ as called by the US officials and parroted by the mainstream media is nothing but an umbrella cover for all types of terrorists fighting the Syrian army and seeking to destroy the Syrian state, killing as much as they can of Syrian people with the money paid to them by western taxpayers, Saudi and Qatari governments among others.

Nusra Front, Al Qaeda Levant, FSA.. all different names for the same terror: the Wahhabi killing machines sponsored by NATO member states.

The following footage containing GRAPHIC CONTENTS was taken in Der Salman town in eastern Ghouta near the Syrian capital Damascus with one of the terrorists carrying an old ID issued by the Saudi Ministry of Defense, while a unit of the SAA was pursuing a terrorist group in the area:

UN envoy a couple of months ago estimated the number of foreign fighters left in Syria around 40,000 while our estimates amount to more than 125,000 at least entered Syria via neighboring countries, most of which were either killed, wounded and treated in Israel, Lebanon and Turkey or relocated to Mali, Egypt or another ‘target’ for further ‘democracy’ in the MENA region, many are from the GCC nationals.

Takfiri Militants in Syria
Takfiri Militants in Syria
Arab Spring
Arab Spring

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