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Syrian Army Continues Military Operations in Homs and Damascus

Syria Azaz

Turkey closes border crossing while Argentina and Brazil urge a diplomatic solution for Syrian conflict.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continued its military operations against the foreign-backed terrorist groups in several regions of the Arab country while the Deputy Prime Minister of Syria, Qadri Jamil, has stated that the civil war in Syria reached a stalemate and that the government of President Bashar al-Assad will in certain circumstances suggest a ceasefire.

Syria’s Deputy Prime Minister said in this week that no side fighting in Syria is strong enough of defeating the other side and to win the war in the Arab country. Therefore, so Qadri Jamil, this “zero balance of the forces” on Syrian soil will not “change for a while” and has reached a stalemate as a result. He said that “neither the armed opposition nor the regime is capable of defeating the other side.”

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Syrian governance in Damascus further said in recent statements that in case if the armed “opposition forces”, which are fighting in Syria against the mainly secular government and President al-Assad, will accept a ceasefire, this ceasefire must then be monitored by e.g. UN peacekeepers. Qadri Jamil added that the Syrian government might suggest a ceasefire soon.

In the meantime, the units of the Syrian Army have continued with its mop-op operations against the foreign-backed terrorist groups on Syrian soil. According to military sources, the units of the army were able to again eliminate a number of armed terrorists in the recent military operations in Syria. At least seven Al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorists were killed in the Syrian village of Akrad al-Dasnieh, located in the west of the countryside of Homs.

Other units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) have been able to retake the control about the strategically important town of Shabaa and the related farms (Sheeba / Shabaa farms) in the last days. The town of Shaba’a (Shabaa / Sheeba) is located in the countryside of Syria’s capital, Damascus (Rif Dimashq). After intense battles, these units of the Syrian army have successfully freed the Sheeba farms (Shabaa farms) from the foreign-backed terrorists.

And while a roadside bomb has sadly killed at least ten Syrian civilians near the village of Raf’een, some Syrian Army units have discovered some more tunnels of the terrorists. The roadside bomb was planted by foreign-backed terrorists on the road between the city of Homs and Misyaf and the hidden tunnels were discovered in the region of the Sheeba (Shabaa) farms by Syrian soldiers.

The battles between the al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorists and some other terrorist groups, partly linked to the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), in northern Syria have led to the closure of a border crossing between Syria and Turkey. The intense fights between the al-Qaeda-linked extremists and jihadists against other terrorist groups in the region near the Syrian-Turkish border prompted Turkey to shut one of its border crossings to Syria.

The Turkish border security has temporarily closed the border crossing in the southern province of Kilis after armed jihadists from the al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” have overran the border town of Azaz in this week. The border town of Azaz was previously held by the armed criminals of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA). This has led to intense battles between both sides and several death.

It is said that the Syrian Al-Qaeda offshoot, the “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant”, is now in control of the relevant checkpoints around the town of Azaz and these jihadists have already detained a lot of residents. Further, even a German doctor was detained and taken hostage by these jihadists.

Meanwhile, the governments of Brazil and Argentina have published a joint statement regarding the Syrian conflict. Both countries have urged the so-called “international community” to pursue a political and diplomatic solution in order to resolve the Syrian crisis.

Syria Azaz
Syria Azaz

While Haiti has praised the US-Russian deal on Syria’s chemical weapons, the joint statement by Brazil and Argentina further stated that a peaceful solution to the conflict in Syria is the only acceptable solution to resolve the Syrian crisis.

The governments of Brazil and Argentina called for a mediated solution to the Syrian conflict and the joint statement also stated that such a solution has to be peaceful and that a military solution is not acceptable.

Brazil and Argentina condemn the use of chemical weapons by any party on Syrian soil and hope for a peaceful and diplomatic solution to the Syrian conflict. The joint statement also said that the use of chemical arms is a serious violation of international law and they condemn such a use of these weapons by any party and under any circumstance.

Haiti has, as mentioned, praised the diplomatic strategy and the agreement to put Syria’s chemical weapons under an international control, which was promoted by Russia and the United States.

Haiti’s Foreign Ministry said in a communique issued in the capital Port-au-Prince:

“Haiti celebrates the accord reached between the United States and Russia, which has prevented the use of force, giving priority to diplomatic means to find a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis.”

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