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Syrian Army Gains Ground in Former Economic Centre Aleppo

Citadel of Aleppo (Arabic: قلعة حلب‎)

Syrian Army carried out military operations against Jabhat al-Nusra.

The troops of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) carried out further military operations against the foreign-backed terrorists and also against several dens for the jihadists of the Syrian Al-Qaeda branch Jabhat al-Nusra (al-Nusra Front) in the Syrian city of Aleppo (Halab), but also in the countryside around the former economic centre of Syria.

The further mop-up operations by the Syrian army targeted several dens of Jabhat al-Nusra, while other troops of the Syrian army foiled some attempts by fighters of the Syrian Al-Qaeda offshoot (Jabhat al-Nusra) to again infiltrate into safe areas within the strategically important city of Aleppo. Some other armed groups of the Jabhat al-Nusra (al-Nusra Front) tried to infiltrate partly “safe villages” in the countryside of Aleppo. These attempts by the armed jihadist groups were also foiled by units of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) today.

According to an official source from the Syrian military in the region, the troops of the Syrian army managed it to gain more grounds in the neighbourhood of al-Rashidin in Aleppo (Halab). The information says that the troops of the Syrian army were able to gain the control of some new areas in the area of Aleppo and that they also eliminated many terrorists in the intense clashes that took place again today.

The killed terrorists in the area of al-Rashidin and neighbouring areas had links to the Syrian Al Qaeda offshoot, the Jabhat al-Nusra. Their groups were so-called Al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist groups, which have acted under the order of the main branch, the al-Nusra Front. According to the source on site, many of these jihadists were killed today, as stated.

The units of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) thus have made further progress in the liberation of the strategically important suburbs and neighbourhoods of the former economic centre of the country, Aleppo. In addition several explosive devices that were planted by the terrorist in some streets of the al-Rashidin neighbourhood in Aleppo were dismantled by units of the Syrian army.

The source on site further said that the units of the Syrian army foiled the attempts of the terrorists to infiltrate safe areas again, as mentioned. The terrorist groups tried to sneak into the areas of the neighbourhoods of Bustan al-Qasr, old Aleppo, al-Sheikh Maqsoud, al-Amiriyeh, Salah-Eddin, and al-Khaldiyeh.

However, these attempts by the foreign-backed terrorist groups were foiled by the units of the Syrian army after intense clashes. The source also stated that the most of the terrorists who tried to sneak into the mentioned neighbourhoods of Aleppo were killed and wounded. However, if you hear something from Arab sources that includes numbers, divide the stated number through two.

Further battles of the Syrian forces against terrorist groups occurred in the south-eastern countryside of the strategically important city of Aleppo (Halab) today. Several troops of the Syrian army were able to destroy some dens of the foreign-supported terrorist groups – the military operations against these dens of the terrorist groups took place in the villages of Beshqatin and Daret Izzeh. According to several sources, the Syrian soldiers were even able to kill several so-called leaders of some terrorist groups in these military operations in the villages of the countryside of Aleppo today.

Also in the north-western and northern area of the countryside of Aleppo, some units of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) have carried out targeted military operations today. The units of the Syrian forces were targeting several larger gatherings for the terrorists in the north of Aleppo. In these specific operations against the foreign-backed terrorist groups and against the Al-Qaeda offshoot on Syrian ground, a large number of these terrorists were killed and wounded.

Meanwhile, another unit of the Syrian army was able to kill several members of the Jabhat al-Nusra (al-Nusra Front) near the Central Prison of Aleppo (Halab) and also around the area of the al-Kindi Hospital (near the al-Mansoureh Mosque). In this military operation by the units of the Syrian army, the soldiers were able to destroy various types of ammunition and several heavy machineguns after the successful clashes against the foreign-backed terrorists.

Citadel of Aleppo (Arabic: قلعة حلب‎)
Citadel of Aleppo (Arabic: قلعة حلب‎)

Further military operations by the Syrian forces took place (so far) today in Dara‘a (Daraa) but also in the Syrian villages of Akraba, al-Hara, and al-Hrak, which are all located near the known city of Daraa. In these military operations by the units of the Syrian army, several terrorists were eliminated from Syrian soil.

Of course, the battles in the countryside of Syria’s Idlib (Idleb) continued today. Some units of the Syrian army managed it to kill a larger number of terrorists in the village of Bsames, which is located in Jabal al-Zawiya.

Other units of the army were able to defend some military checkpoints near the roundabout of Maaretmasrin and the checkpoint in Qati’a. The majority of the attacking terrorists were killed in the defence actions of the Syrian army to protect these military checkpoints in the region. Meanwhile, an unit of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) fighting in the western city of Homs was able to enter a Mosque after intense clashes against the foreign-backed terrorist of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA)..

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  1. Arklight

    Well done, SAA! The English in these posts is improving, a lot. Not releasing the names of the swine killed in these operations is a good idea; let them just vanish from the scene; so long as SAA knows the names and nationalities, that’s sufficient. I’m sure the SAA intelligence services can parse the data and use it in the planning of future operations. Again, well done, SAA, and keep on with the rat killin’.

    • Nassir


  2. Bobby

    God is on the side of the SAA! Syria is a great nation. I am not a syrian but I was in syria and I know how beautiful this country is. The west are using the dirty terrorists to invade this country! I admire the unity of the SAA, I admire the steadfastness and the unity of Syrians. With this unity, I believe they will win no matter the odds!
    Long live Assad! Long live Great Syria! Long live the unconquerable Hezbollah! Long live Iran, Long live Great Russia! Long Great China!

  3. Alep Maaloula

    We are living with our heart in our mouth. The siege of Aleppo has been so outrageious, so humiliating. The suffering of civilians so heartbreaking. May God help and sustain Syrian Army, may He allow them to crush once and for all those bandits, mercenaries, dirty ignorants who have dared to rape Syrian soil. The eyes of the world are stuck on you heroes of Syria. In you and only you lay our hope, our pride, our last chance. May you teach a lesson of dignity and courage to all those miserable arab countries and their governments of beggars.
    May God the merciful hold in His memory all those innocents who lost their lives on the hands of ignorance, fanatism and greed.


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