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Syrian Arab Army Restores Atshan Town – Hama Countryside

SAA restore Atshan town - Hama countryside

The land is for the Syrian Arab Army and only for them as the bravest soldiers scorch the ground cleansing it from all sorts of terrorists brought from all sides of the planet by the Western hypocrite humanitarian bastards and their regional stooges. With the assisting air cover by the Russian air forces the SAA restores Atshan town.

SAA restore Atshan town - Hama countryside
SAA restore Atshan town – Hama countryside

Located to the north of Hama east to the Hama – Idlib strategic highway, the town long infested by terrorists from Nusra Front formerly known as alQaeda Levant and their affiliate other ‘moderate terrorists‘ like Fatah Army, is now terrorist-free.

RT’s Anna Knishenko embedded with the Syrian Arab Army soldiers comes with this report – English subtitles:

It took the Russian friends 4.5 years to make up their minds, and more than 1 year of US and its stooges bombing to realize the need to properly support the Syrian Arab Army in defending the whole world from the evil plans of the western regimes, especially that Russia and many others are on the target list.

We wish the Russian friends gave the Syrian Arab Army the weapons they need in this battle including the airplanes and much earlier from now instead of sending their own pilots, however, let’s finish cleaning the cradle of civilization from the world’s filthiest filth, the Obama regime beloved ‘moderate armed opposition’ of the anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists, then we can judge the motives of waiting such long to come to the aid.

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  1. conspiracy artist

    “It took the Russian friends 4.5 years to make up their minds”

    i think it took this long because they needed to do a lot of preparation, political (getting china and iraq on board), militarily (most systems where used in new NATO member states too = became unreliable) and economic.

  2. omar

    Russia is going to destroy terrorist organizations in Syria and Iraq in less than one year. Nato and USA needed more than 10 years to build up the same terrorist organizations.

  3. Krishna kumar

    Actually rule of the land must be restored in any country.It is quite impossible to please every citizen in a country but any opposition should be meaningfull and peacfull instead of power grabbing by voilent means,We must keep in mind only innocent people suffer in the voilence.The worst is in the name of religion.

  4. V.E. Perkins, Ph.D.

    These pieces are not useful because they are full of invective, easily corrected errors in the English language, and awkward prose. I don’t know what language they are being written in originally, but when they appear in English, they do not inform readers. They confuse them. In short, they are not useful.


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