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Turkish Prime Minister Davutoğlu Follows Same Mutilated Islam of ISIS

Erdoğan US with you

A ‘smart-ass’, adviser and author of state policy books, a preacher of leaders of other nations on their domestic policies, of course not his own, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu confesses to what kind of Islam he and his Muslim Brotherhood ‘AKP’ cult ruling Turkey follow, his confession was during anormal interview with Turkish channel Show TV last Wednesday October 14th. 

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu agrees with ISIS
Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu agrees with ISIS

He is the same person who promoted a ‘Zero Problems with Neighbors’ and ended up with ‘Zero Friendships with Neighbors’, only because of their dream to revive the horrible Ottoman Empire.

A circle is a full 360 degrees, the other point across a circle is 180 degrees away. 360 degrees means the same point of start or a full match.

In Syria, and in many of the Islamic majority countries, the difference between Islam we defend and that of ISIS, alQaeda and Turkey is almost 180 degrees, we just agree on the main 5 pillars of Islam:

* Only 1 God.

* Muhammad is a prophet and messenger of God.

* Maintain 5 prayers a day.

* Pay for Zakat  (certain ‘tax’ money taken from the rich and paid to the poor).

* Fasting in the month of Ramadan to realize the suffering of the poor.

* Hajj (pilgrimage to the holiest mosque in Mecca) at least once in a lifetime.

Everything else seems at odds with our view of Islam. Turkish Muslim Brotherhood rulers follow a more closer to Wahhabi Islam, which is a British invention to distort the image of Islam by referring to a scholar who was advising the first Saudi king as a source of the doctrine instead of the Holy Quran.. That’s what ISIS and all these terrorist groups follow. Just like how the same British invented Zionism to distort the image of Judaism by creating a radical group using faith to achieve political goals.

It might not be a gaffe, he might be honest for once in his lifetime; after all, wasn’t ISIS and all the anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadist groups sponsored by NATO and mainly by Turkey then smuggled to destroy Syria mainly from through the over 850 kilometers of borders between the two countries? Didn’t Turkey erect thousands of tents anticipating the flood of refugees from Syria before any spark even indicating any crisis in the country? They knew exactly what they were growing and they let it loose thinking they can control the monster later for their advantage.

Strongly advise you to read ‘Syrian Spy in Turkey‘, shocking findings of a brave young Syrian man who infiltrated the cult of Turkish Erdogan and brought back an invaluable report. And ‘Who Are the Terrorists in Syria‘.

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  1. Mick McLennan

    how bout you confess you were Wrong to attempt to belittle and rudely abuse those of us who defended Syria,s allies from critism from the likes of you and others who constantly aserted that ‘Russia and Iran has betrayed her ally’. calling us Putiniks etc.. and casuing such disunity among loyalist supporters.. aye! how bout you you openly eat humble pie and offically retract your ‘years of rude abuse and undermining damage ‘ it might go someway in establishing some credibilty and dare i say integrity in your writings. !

  2. Arabi Souri

    You have to wait until I ask the lost souls to come back and those who were injured with permanent disabilities to heal and those who suffered to forget their suffering over the past 4.5 years while your friends were not sure whether to support Syria or leave it alone fighting back the waves of terrorists those same allies wanted to get rid of but preferred to have someone else killing them on their behalf and away from their countries.
    Or even now with the latest Putin – Israel drills over Syrian skies to avoid any accidents while both conduct their flights instead of handing over Syria the weapons Syrian officials kept asking for continuously over the years in vain and helping Syria protect its skies. Go compare the increasing economic relations between both Syria’s ‘allies’ and Syria’s enemies over the past 4.5 years with the help Syria got from its ‘allies’ during the same period to fight on their behalf.
    You and your cult are real Putinkjieh and you have no understanding of any aspect of geo-political, economical, strategically studies except to follow that Freemason as sheep.


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