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Syrian Arab Army Decisive Battle – Aleppo

Nusra Front Terrorists - NATO anti-Islamic Militia - Syria إرهابيي جبهة النصرة - ميليشيا حلف الناتو المعادية للإسلام - Damascus - Aleppo - Hama - Lattakia - Idlib

The Syrian Arab Army working all day and night to restore peace and security in the country after over 125 countries combined their efforts to destroy it and found the easiest way is to export Al-Qaeda terrorists to wreak havoc and slaughter the people to pave the way to divide the country and receive western corporations and banks. They failed because the men of the Syrian Arab Army vowed to save their country and to fight the battle and to win it.

Aleppo southern countryside map showing Aleppo International Airport, Cement factories & Sheikh Saed area
Aleppo southern countryside map showing Aleppo International Airport, Cement factories & Sheikh Saed area.

Away from the media attention which was busy inciting sectarian strife and hatred in Qussayr focusing its attention on the contribution of Hizbullah in the battle and turning a blind eye to the over 2 years flooding the country with tens of thousands of terrorists, the SAA forces were cleaning towns and villages everywhere else in the country, we tried our best to cover most of it, especially the achievements with strategical importance. The following report from Hussein Murtada covers the achievements of the SAA in Aleppo’s countryside and the road to the Aleppo International Airport and the villages and towns on both sides of the road.

A Nusra Front terrorists with 'non-lethal' machine guns provided by the West, they're expecting 'lethal' weapons now to be paid for by western taxpayers
A Nusra Front terrorist with ‘non-lethal’ machine guns provided by the West, they’re expecting ‘lethal’ weapons now to be paid for by western taxpayers

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  1. Sasha

    God bless the Brave Syrian Arab Army! Victory to Syria, Assad, and the people of Syria! InShallah victory at last is close!

    Giving you my prayers and hopes for total crushing victory over the terrorist that infested Syria from EU,Slovenia! ..

  2. Rafiq Al-Taneen

    Allah bless the Courageous, Audacious, Stout-Hearted, Staunch, All-Powerful, Omnipotent Revolutionary Résistance Secular, Socialistic Forces of the Syrian Arab Armed Forces!

    Insha'Allah, a victorious triumph against the FSA, Jabhat al-Nusra, amongst other revtards (sent by NATO, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Israhell, ErDOGan, Tunisian-Egyptian-Libyan Ikhwan, South Korea, Taiwan's KMT, Morocco's régime, as well as Hashemite régime in Jordan) shall be achieved as well as brought forth into completely utter realisation!

    Down With Yankee-Israhelli-NATO Fourth Reich led Neo-Colonisation Capitalist-Imperialist, Zionist, Wahhabi/Salafi/Qutbist, Evangelist Christian, Fascistic, Social Darwinian Syndicate of Havoc Axis of Ebil Mobsters!

    Down with the Militarised-Industrialised-Complex! Down With Capitalism, Down With Zionism, Down With Neo-Conservatism, Down With Neo-Liberalism, Down With Neo-Colonialism!

    Hail The Internationalised Axis of Résistance, Hail the Proletarian Struggle of the World! Down With the FSA contras!

    You have full support from I, a French Communist Comrades! We shall awake one day to help you fight these vile toads! Long Live, All Hail Syria, Iran, Algeria, Armenia, PFLP, Hezbollah!

    Long Live Comrade Bashar Al-Assad! Allah, Souriya, Bashar w bas!

  3. Mustapha!

    Now that the SAA has started flexing their military muscles & wanting to show who's the boss of the Syrian lands and people, the greedy mercenaries find their pay-cheques Do Not cover for their lives nor their next of kin to get any benefits incase of their certain deaths-

    The world witnesses rats either drowning in their own blood or running away to take cover in Israeli hospitals with the pretext of humanitarian aid. Shame on the West & their proxies in PGCC for untold deaths And destructions of Muslim lives & properties. THAT IS THE MAIN AIM: Destroy infrastructures and expertise of the Syrian people. Long Live Basher al-Asad's leadership of resistance against the zionists & their helpers.

  4. zzz

    I'm white, non Muslim, European male and I support Assad in this conflict with terrorists. I guarantee you, most of Europeans feel the same and are ashamed of EU's support of these terrorist groups. And one more note to Rafiq, that communist pig above me: F*%K YOU!

  5. selaudin

    It is the time to use the NAPALM. It is very effective in surface and underground. After the Dresden was treated with NAPALM by westerner Liberators most of 100000 civilian victims were suffocated by CO2 in underground shelters. One little girl that survived said. After explosions stopped I went up outside. The rest of the family members that stayed in underground shelter were all dead poisoned by CO2.


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