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Syrian Ambassador Jaafari Defaces Sponsors of Terror at the UNSC

image-Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations Dr. Bashar Jaafari

It is a very difficult task to represent your country when it’s under war at an international venue, you will be full of emotions and sadness. Imagine that you are representing your country at an international venue where most of the audience are waging the war against your country, they resort to the most terrible and horrible crimes, and above that all they tend to silence you and at least provide a misinterpretation deliberately to what you say. That’s what Dr. Bashar Jaafari, the Syrian ambassador to the United Nations have to face each time he speaks before the United Nations Security Council, the same council supposed to maintain peace and security throughout the world through good and by good.

In his latest statement at the UNSC on February 24th 2016 discussing the ceasefire brokered by the United States and Russia and imposed on the Syrian government and supposedly on terrorist groups, Dr. Bashar Jaafari managed to deface all lies presented by those involved in the war against his country Syria and even lies by representatives of the United Nations, the body that should resemble the international law but instead resembles those with power over those without.

You can only get to understand the importance of his speech if you know Arabic as he delivered it in Arabic language. His continuous complaints that the good translators are replaced with poor ones when he starts speaking are very well proven in this translation. All you need to do is compare the following text to the original one given by the United Nations Security Council officials and found here starting page number 4/6: (S/PV.7631):

A better translation of the statement of Dr. Jaafari at the above-mentioned UNSC session:

“Thank you Mr. President

Mr. O’Brien has described a brutal situation in my country and I am in full agreement with his description. However, I differ with him in ascribing the manifestations and reasons for that brutality. I will therefore try to shed some light on the reality of that brutality, which is shedding my people’s blood, destroying our infrastructure & bringing all kinds of terrorists to my country. As a matter of fact, this brutal situation has been contributed to by some States members of this International Organizations and that some of them are members of this honorable council.

Mr. President, It is regrettable that, despite the fact that about five years have passed since the crisis began in Syria, some Governments still insist on using the humanitarian situation as a justification in order to achieve their narrow political ends, as if the suffering of the Syrian people were numbers and statistics, and were a mere commodity to be used for trafficking and political blackmail by this or that Government.

The extent of the hypocrisy and cheap political exploitation of human suffering may perhaps be made clear through the way in which those States treat the humanitarian situation in Syria by comparison to their treatment of such situations in other States.

The Security Council, since the beginning of the crisis and until now, has adopted 15 resolutions on the situation in Syria, Fifteen Resolutions.. Four of which relate to the humanitarian situation in the country.

Every year it has held dozens of formal and informal meetings, which were almost daily. However, we have had not witnessed any resolution or request for urgent meetings dealing with the disastrous humanitarian situations in Palestine, Libya, Yemen or even in Somalia, despite the fact that in one Security Council meeting Mr. O’Brien indicated that the humanitarian situation in Yemen was far worse than that in Syria: Where more than 80 per cent of the Yemeni people are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.

Mr. President,

As a Government in the Syrian Arab Republic, we do not deny that there is a humanitarian crisis in Syria. Millions of people are displaced, refugees or disadvantaged.

However, we deplore the mistaken way that the crisis has been dealt with from its beginning and until now, and we are surprised from the way it’s seen looking at the situation from a partial perspective, in isolation from the external political, military and economic interference in Syria.

We do not deny the depth of the humanitarian crisis. However, we reject any suggestion that it can be dealt with without dealing seriously with the origins of and reasons of the crisis, which are rooted in the spread of armed terrorist groups supported from outside and their proliferation in our villages and cities while using civilians as human shields.

The Under-Secretary-General called such externally supported armed terrorist groups “non-State armed groups”. The proof on that we have witnessed no humanitarian crisis anywhere apart from the areas that those terrorist groups have entered.

Adding insult to injury is the fact that some States have imposed unilateral coercive measures on the Syrian people, thereby aggravating our suffering.

In that regard, it is incomprehensible that some insist on denying the role of the Syrian Government, attempting to portray it as primarily responsible for the humanitarian crisis, as we heard just now in Mr. O’Brien’s statement.

The height of the paradoxical nature of this scenario is reached when some accuse the Syrian Government of besieging some areas with the aim of starving its own people; While they fall short in explaining the continuation of flow of terrorists, weapons and monies to these same areas claimed to be besieged by the government?!

Then these weapons [they received] are used to launch rocket attacks indiscriminately at civilian areas and carry out suicide bombings, as happened in Homs, Rif Dimashq and Hasakah.

The fact is these areas such as Kafraya and Fu’ah, and, for the past three and a half years also like in Der Ezzor, Nubbol and Zahra, are besieged from the outside by terrorist groups, while others, such as in Madimayet, Madaya and Duma, are besieged internally by terrorists where the terrorists prevent the entry of humanitarian assistance or seize it for their own use or to resell it to civilians, Therefore, we have not seen any images of so-called moderate terrorists starving.

Dr. Bahar Jaafari: We have not seen any images of so-called moderate terrorists starving.
Dr. Bahar Jaafari: We have not seen any images of so-called moderate terrorists starving.

Have representatives ever seen in the media an image of a hungry terrorist in Syria? No, only the civilians are hungry.

Terrorists are not hungry because they receive dollars and weapons. They come from all over the world and do not go hungry. Only civilians must go hungry.

Mr. President,

It has become clear that, in order to improve the humanitarian situation in Syria comprehensively and in a sustainable manner, the Governments must abandon that misguided approach that has proven its failure time and again and for almost 5 years.

How can we put an end to the humanitarian crisis in Syria while there’s silence towards the Erdoğan regime military aggression against the Syrian territories, in support of the terrorists and publicly?

And the use of the Turkish territories by the Turkish regime as a base and passageway for tens of thousands of foreign terrorist fighters, including, Mr. O’Brien, including the crossings used by the United Nations to provide humanitarian assistance. In addition to the continuation of supplying the terrorists with weapons by this (Turkish) regime, not only that but also it even uses humanitarian assistance convoys to hide them.

That (Erdogan) regime imprisons in Turkish prisons Turkish Customs officers, judges and journalists who expose it.

How can the humanitarian crisis be brought to an end when the Erdoğan regime brazenly uses the plight of Syrian refugees as a tool to blackmail European States to gain political & financial support and to turn a deaf ear towards his encroachments towards Syria and the Syrians?

Regrettably and despite all of that, some States in the Security Council continue to provide cover for the Erdogan regime.

Just a few days ago those States, and in order to protect this harebrained regime, refused a balanced draft resolution emphasizing the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria and rejecting external interference in its affairs and calls on to stop the flow of foreign terrorists into (Syria).

As you are all aware, these are all universally agreed principles that nobody can deny and it is mentioned in each Security Council’s resolution on Syria.

However, after the adoption of 15 Security Council resolutions on Syria, some are trying complicate matters, as if they require another 5 years to read properly what is happening in Syria.

Mr. president, the Syrian Government is the most ardent to provide all types of humanitarian aid to all Syrians affected by this crisis wherever they are located inside all of Syria. This is its duty and it’s committed to it. Therefore, the Syrian Government is open to coordinating and cooperating with all countries, United Nations entities and others, of the international organizations operating in Syria, including of course the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

Away from the propaganda and the attempts to demonize the Syrian government, the facts on the ground prove that the government exhausts all its efforts to deliver aid to its citizens wherever they are located.

As a demonstration of this, the Syrian Government informed the United Nations on 16 February that it had agreed to allow the entry of combined humanitarian assistance convoys to Dayr ez-Zor, Kafraya, Fu’ah (Foah), Madaya, Madimayet, Zabadani and Kafr Batna.

Those convoys are a continuation of other convoys that have already reached those regions and other areas and illustrates my Government’s intention to facilitate the delivery of assistance to all people in need wherever they are in Syria, that was also emphasized by the Minister for Foreign affairs to Mr. De Mistura at his latest meeting with him in Damascus.

The delay in providing consent and the so-called administrative bureaucracy mentioned by Mr. O’Brien is an indication of our eagerness to ensure the safety and security of humanitarian convoys and humanitarian workers. Safety and security, because we are concerned about the safety of the humanitarian workers.

We care about their safety and security and do not want any harm to befall them, such as, for example, a suicide bomber explodes himself in front of a humanitarian convoy vehicle and kill humanitarian workers then we come back to convene in this Council and hear a totally different description to what is going on.

Mr. President,

Resolving the Syrian crisis requires two simultaneous approaches: first, combating terrorism and, secondly, a political approach. Based on that, the Syrian Government is committed to combating terrorism and is pressing ahead with a political approach.

The delegation of Syria participated in the Geneva talks and demonstrated its seriousness and commitment to the talks, as witnessed by the Special Envoy himself.

The problem there was that some States imposed the so-called Riyadh delegation as the sole negotiator with the single goal undermining those talks by means of direct instructions from that delegations’ Turkish and Saudi operators in addition to considerable procedural gaps tainting these negotiations, which were a repeat of what occurred with Mr. Ibrahimi in Geneva 2 (talks), in particular when it came to the representation of all elements of Syrian opposition outside and inside Syria, and not presenting a list of the terrorist organizations, which led, as you are aware, to the failure of the last Geneva (talks) round.

Today, the Syrian Government is demonstrating yet again its seriousness and willingness to curb the bloodshed and its eagerness to curb the bloodshed of the Syrian people, and to restore security and stability implementing the popular will of the Syrian people in the unity of Syria’s territory and the unity of its people that was demonstrated through the Syrian Government statement of accepting the cessation of combats on the basis of the continuation of military efforts to combat the terrorism of Da’esh (ISIS), the Al-Nusra Front and other terrorist organizations linked to them and to al-Qaeda Organization, in accordance with the Russian and American announcement.

In order to guarantee the success of the cessation of combats on the given time, the Syrian government affirms from this platform its commitment to continue coordinating with the Russian side to determine the areas and the armed groups that would be included in the Cessation of Combat agreement throughout this agreement’s duration.

In that regard, we underscore the importance to control the borders, the importance to control the borders, the importance to control the borders – 3 times, in particular the Turkish – Syrian borders and to put an end to the support provided by some States to the terrorist organizations, and prevent these organizations from building up its powers or changing its positions in order to avoid jeopardizing that agreement.

The Syrian Government emphasizes the right of its armed forces to deter any violation by those groups against the Syrian citizens or against its armed forces.

Thus, the ball, gentlemen, is once again in the court of the other parties which interfere in the internal issues of Syria and still support terrorism, who still bet on supporting terrorism, a military escalation and external interference and undermine the achievement of a political solution by imposing preconditions unacceptable by the Syrian people.

Thank you”

~End of Dr. Jaafari’s statement at that session.

Their lies kill innocent people, your parroting of their lies kill innocent people and your ignorance and refusal to pursue the truth and to hold the liars accountable kills more innocent people. Simply, you are partners in the crime with your ignorance, your laziness and above all your monetary contribution through your taxes spent on training and arming terrorist groups disguised as ‘freedom fighters’ or ‘moderate rebels’. How would you feel if another country arms a group of ‘moderate rebels’ in your own country and used the same lies your country using to justify any crime committed against you, your family and your country?

The Humanitarian Bastards cause the suffering of targeted people and then come as rescuers for their own victims.

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  1. James Padgett

    May people of faith in a loving God continue to pray that He expose the truth of the Syrian crisis to every person in the world and that the governments who lie to their people through their mainstream media may be forced by their people to stop their horrific funding, arming, training of terrorists who continue to destroy Syria. May God judge severely every person in every govt. who knowingly continues to cause harm in Syria.

  2. Alice Bliss

    I agree with these statements wholeheartedly. The situation is heartbreaking. The invaders are gaslighting. If only all people could see that what is happening in Syria is nothing more that a war crime.

  3. Bert Trim

    It’s happening. Everyone is finding out about the Criminals who want Syria. Don’t think that for one minute these War Mongers are going to destroy Syria and get away with it. Besides, the entire US$ system is about to collapse. Think that they’ll have enough time? I doubt it.

  4. Edgar Palacio

    Everything is caused by USA in order to maintain the sionazi state of Israhell and to stole all the natural resources of the region.

  5. Baljeet Singh Jassal

    When you can expect an order from bitches like Smantha Power in UN to “Swith off the Microphone” for stopping North Korea’s representative speaking against US humanitarian issues. And no legal action on Smantha Power is taken by UN, one can imagine what UN is upto.
    Hope things will improve with Bernie Sanders as president.

  6. Fotoh Paul

    If man is made in the likeness and image of God as acclaimed by all religions, then why is man so devilish, so wicked to his fellow man? what is he going to gain after doing all these? Man himself will soon die as well sooner or later. why not live by loving other people and creating a good life for yourself than disturbing and punishing your onscience with evil deeds?

    • David Upton

      Couldn’t agree more with Fotoh. One can only form a bad image of our respective Gods. The trouble with religion is that because it promises eternal life, people ‘fall in love with it’, some of whom become carried away and become hopelessly fanatical. The further trouble is their God only needs their faith to guarantee them salvation, so it sets them free to do as they please. inflicting terrible suffering isn’t an issue because they believe all is forgiven.
      The indoctrinated types like popes, priests, archbishops and the like live like kings and some do terrible things to children, but paradise awaits them ultimately, so they believe. They know their deeds are wrong and they may feel bad and have their conscience stretched, but it will all be alright. Not to say non religious people don’t commit horrendous sins as well, of course they do, but religious culture has produced millions more criminal acts than otherwise would’ve been. So much bloodshed has occurred in the history of man, in the name of religion and Christianity would be right up there.
      According to those who believe, it is a terrible indictment on their religion that the worst kind of criminals can achieve salvation and the kindest, law-abiding citizens may get abandoned.

      • Fotoh Paul

        Hi David,
        it is easy to look at history with the eyes or analysis of today of “what went wrong” in the past. Likewise it is easy to point fingers at the wrongs or mistakes of others without actually having a deep analysis of the causes and dynamics etc. Just like my society, people would easily condemn homosexuals for being criminals without actually knowing what is happening in the biological constitution of the victims. so to I feel its the way you look at history and the supposed(incriminating without proving) criminals you just mentioned. What statistics do you have for crimes committed by religious and non-religious people over the centuries?
        The origin of organized societies, learning, and the laws you claim comes from the religious background and not from non-religious people. Therefore even the non religious law abiding people benefit from good laws, education, human values promoted by religion and religious people over the centuries.
        Man no matter whether he is a pope or bishop carries within him, the virtues and vices and maybe because for one reason some vices take an upper hand does not mean all the virtues become nullified. For this reason the instrument of pardon, forgiveness and sincere desire to improve on the virtues remain a constant challenge and desire for all who want to make the world a better place and why not hope for a better life after this short period of life on earth? What do you think about life after death? what meaning do you give to the universe, the cosmos and to existence in itself? think about it and write to me at [email protected]


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