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Did Merkel’s Agents Provocateurs Interrupt Concert?

by Meira

On Thursday, 3 March, British media decided to run with a story about xenophobic hecklers dominating a classical concert in Cologne, Germany, 28 February.

Mahan Esfahani is an Iranian-born, award-winning musician who teaches at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, in London. His performance in the Kölner Philharmonie, before an audience of 1,800, was interrupted by several persons screaming at him to “speak German!” immediately after he began to give a short explanation of how a 1967 composition could be performed on a Baroque harpsichord, in English.

I am a former musician who has attended countless concerts and recitals, of both huge and modest audiences.  There is no way that a classical audience would ever behave so rudely; the worst faux pas among such audiences is that of applauding in between movements (and also excessive use of the standing ovation though this is more probably related to the desperate gratitude for musical beauty).  My own personal rudeness would have been limited to a silent shudder over the thought of such a magnificent instrument being used in a performance of a modern composition.

So I must call out, agents provocateursof the Mutti Merkel squads, dispatched to create further divides between the fraud-left, and ridiculous-right, over the refugee battle, in such a sullying of a sacred place.

Neither side of the gang v. countergang operations, by the way, has noticed that:

  1. Merkel so loved the Syrian people that she closed down their embassy, in Berlin, in 2012.
  2. Merkel so loved the Syrian people that she funded covert operations against their country.
  3. Merkel so loves the Syrian people that she has engaged in war crimes against their country.
  4. Merkel actually hates refugees, unless she can call them “Syrians.”
  5. Merkel is actually an Islamophobe.

The extensive documentation for this short, important, list, is here.  It includes the video of the Merkel town hall meeting in which she told the handicapped Palestinian girl that her family was to be deported to a Lebanese refugee camp, because Germany just couldn’t take in everyone (in response to some backlash, the family received a 1 year extension on its being deported).  It includes Merkel’s crimes against the Syrian Arab Republic.  It includes Merkel’s anti-Muslim remarks at the CDU Federal Congress meeting.  It includes an explanation that Mutti‘s sudden caring for “refugees” only involves the part about helping to strategically depopulate Syria, of Syrians.

It even includes Germany’s claim to the UN that femicide “is not a phenomenon which can be found in Germany.”

Though this strange story of Mr. Esfahani’s on – stage adventure at the Cologne Philharmonic hasn’t “gone viral,” there is still time.  It can hang out on the back burner until needed.

Meanwhile, I’ll ruminate on the curious 4 day lapse between German reporting, and international.

And I’ll also try to figure out how this ties in to the new story that the EU has succumbed to Turkey’s agreement to keep refugees in Turkey, in Turkey, in exchange for 6.6 billion dollars. 

I’m so naive that I looked at this map and wondered if Turkey’s tiny border into EU countries could not be secured at a fraction of this price tag.

Fullscreen capture 382016 71148 AM.bmp

It’s times like these that I’m glad I’m ignorant of geopolitics, or I might think that such a huge sum of money might be split between the terrorists in Syria, and a near possibility of a west orchestrated arab springing of Lebanon.



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