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Syrian Air Forces Bomb Near Turkish Tanks Column Forces them to Stop

Turkish Erdogan sends Turkish military forces to help Nusra Front in Khan Sheikhoun

Syrian fighter jets bombed near a Turkish military tanks column forcing them to stop, as Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a strong condemnation statement against the latest incursion of Turkish troops into Idlib to save Nusra Front terrorists in Khan Sheikhoun.

‘Turkish vehicles loaded with ammunition, weapons, and material equipment passed through the Syrian Turkish borders on Monday morning and entered the city of Saraqeb in their way to Khan Sheikhoun to help the defeated terrorists of Nusra Front (Al-Qaeda Levant), which is on the list of the UN Security Council of terrorist organizations.’ An official source at the ministry said.

The source added: ‘This affirms again the continued unlimited support provided by the Turkish regime to the terrorist groups.’

The source continued: ‘The Syrian Arab Republic strongly condemns this flagrant Turkish violation and holds the Turkish regime fully responsible for the consequences of this stark violation of the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic which constitutes an outrageous breach of the international law’s provisions.’

Furthermore, the Syrian ministry statement said: ‘Syria affirms that the aggressive behavior of the Turkish regime will not in any way affect the determination fo the Syrian Arab Army to continue to hunt down the remnants of terrorists in Khan Sheikhoun and other areas until liberating every inch of the Syrian territories from terror and terrorists.’

On the Turkish side, it seems the Turkish officials failed to understand the statement of the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs which led the Syrian Air Forces to interfere directly bombing in front of and around the intruding Erdogan troops forcing them to stop near Maraat Noman.

Terrorists released video showing Turkish intruding tanks column warned by Syrian Air Forces / Video also available on BitChute:

Local sources in Idlib reported that 2 Turkish commandos convoys entered Syrian territories, one of which consisting of 28 heavy vehicles towards the southern Idlib countryside and the other moved towards Saraqeb in the eastern Idlib countryside.

The Syrian Arab Army and after cleaning a number of towns in Hama northern countryside and Idlib’s countryside, taking control of strategic towns then encircling Khan Sheikhoun, a strategic city controlling M5, the main artery connecting Syria’s southern provinces like Damascus with its northern provinces including Aleppo.

Terrorist groups led by Nusra Front and the Turkish observation point established in Khan Sheikhoun based on Astana talks are on the retreat after losing the fierce battles in the nearby farms surrounding the city and their checkpoints at the northern entrance of the city. The Syrian Arab Army forces are pushing through the city but are not in a hurry as they continue encircling the city and await the terrorists’ surrender.

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  1. Stefan Heuer

    Being the victim of illegal aggression and blatant breaches of international law, Syria has every right to defend its territory and sovereignity with all means considered as useful. This, be sure, would also legitimate the use of direct military force against the invaders.


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