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Syria: Wondrous Communique by the “G8″

FSA fighter

The G8 has adopted a very astonishing communique as a final document yesterday. It states:

“We call on the Syrian authorities and opposition at the Geneva Conference jointly to commit to destroying and expelling from Syria all organisations and individuals affiliated to Al Qaeda, and any other nonstate actors linked to terrorism.”

In Point 84 of this communique, there is actually the talk of a transitional government, which probably cannot be the addressee of the above-cited call from Point 86 of this communique by the G8 because there is no transitional government in the meant sense of this.

In other words: the “Illegitimacy of Assad” is forgotten. The call was made in direction to a legitimate Syrian government. At the same time, there are no signs that the Americans, the French or the perfidious Albion and its Middle Eastern branches take some distance from their idea to just arm exactly these terrorist groups of whom they demand their killing and expulsion here.

And even if one assumes in a quickly made interpretation that the passage in the communiqué of the G8 means the FSA (“Free Syrian Army”) or their Supreme Military Council including the “opposition”, this just cannot be correct after a closer examination: the fraternal cooperation of the leaders of the FSA with the officially designated as terrorist organization and al-Qaeda offshoot classified al-Nusra Front is undoubtedly confirmed (thanks to Kaumi for the link). It also seems that they make no bones about it.

Two variants: Either the potentates in Lough Erne had no longer a better idea in the face of the menacing-looking doctor Putin, as they continue to stubbornly pretend madness.

All previous:

The staggering has so far not prevented the world community from continuing to keep this current generation of politicians for sane and driven by humanitarian motives. Maybe even this stunt now will work?

Or it is quite simple and they meant the political opposition in Syria, which is represented in the parliament and in the government.

Apart from this, the G8 is at the present time a part of the G20, and if they already exchanging opinions, so they would have also to listen to those States, which have no less weight than the majority of those who are represented in the G8.

It is actually very strange to hear the opinion of Canada about a problem, which does address this country in any level, while the positions of China and India are not even asked, although both are more directly affected by all processes in the region.

Insofar, basically nothing has happened, even if the media is now emphasizing a “transitional government”. Do not worry, this is chosen by the Syrians themselves in 2014. Nothing happened, because nothing should happen until now. Even if the Russians had clenched their fists there and banged the doors, that would be nothing more than a small scandal.

Moreover, the communique regarding the Syrian crisis is pretty much exactly what the Russians have consistently followed from the beginning and what was already enshrined in the Geneva agreement last year. Apparently, such a paper has, in spite of everything, no real weight. So everything stays like it is.

As in advance of the meeting of the G8, everything will be decided in Syria at the bottom of the facts in Damascus, Aleppo, Idlib, Deir az-Zur. The “peace process” will begin when the West has no other choice left.

As long as the West has the will and the opportunity to go to war (especially with foreign peoples hands), he will do it.

PS: A few new pictures from Damascus and suburbs by Alexandr Rytschakow.

Source: apxwn

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