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Chemical Weapons

Almost at the same time while the murder of at least seven Syrians in the town of Khan al-Asal (Khan al-Assal) by a foreign-backed terrorist group, the United Nations (UN) has published the information on Friday that the Syrian side and its delegation to Damascus were finally able to agree on the investigation about the use of chemical weapons on Syrian soil.

This means, an agreement between the United Nations (UN) and the Syrian officials has been reached, while the upcoming investigation by a team of UN experts is certainly also about the already confirmed use of sarin nerve gas by a group of terrorists in their attack in Khan al-Assal (al-Asal / on the edge of the northern city of Aleppo) in March this year.

The use of a missile, which was filled with sarin nerve gas, in an attack by a group of terrorists near Aleppo (in March, 2013) has been already confirmed by Russian experts. The Russian experts have handed the samples and results of their investigation to the United Nations about 2-3 weeks ago. Since the United Nations (UN) had their fingers on the samples and results, there were no further comments about it by the organization.

The published statement by the United Nations (UN) says that an agreement on an investigation into the allegations of the use of chemical weapons in the Arab nation was reached between both sides. According to the UN statement, the discussions between both sides were “thorough and productive.”

Ake Sellstrom, the chief inspector in the UN investigation team, and Angela Kane, the UN high representative for disarmament, the two UN envoys who travelled to the Syrian capital Damascus in order to debate with the Syrian side about such an agreement, will soon leave Syria and report all their experiences and the details of the stay in Syria to the UN chief Ban Ki-moon. While their stay in the Syrian capital, they took part in talks with the Syrian Foreign Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister of the Arab nation.

Meanwhile, the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) has published its concerns in a new statement on the Syrian conflict and about the situation of the Syrian refugees. According to the statement by the United Nations refugee agency, the arbitrary detention of an increasing number of refugees from Syria by the Egyptian army and the security of this North African country would trigger serious concerns within the refugee agency (UNHRC).

The spokeswoman of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Melissa Fleming, said yesterday that among those Syrian refugees who were already detained by the Egyptian security forces and police were also several Syrian minors as well as Syrians registered as refugees with the agency of the United Nations (UN).

Syrians pushing FSA away
Syrians pushing FSA away

Melissa Fleming, the spokesperson of the UNHCR, also stated that the UN agency has already demanded to get access to the at least 85 detained Syrians in Egypt. She stressed further that these arrested and detained Syrian refugees should be “afforded fair” and by a real process of law in the North African country.

The Egyptian security forces have detained these Syrian refugees due to the rumours in the Egyptian streets of the capital Cairo that the Syrians would have taken part in some protests in last months. According to the report by Press TV, xenophobic remarks as well as verbal attacks against Syrians, including disturbing statements in the Egyptian media, were also reported from the North African country.

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  1. Arklight

    The UN will find what it’s told, by the US, to find, count on that. Also, the UN will carefully note all SAA depots, installations and troop concentrations, then report them all directly to DC. UN is nothing but a lapdog for the US.

  2. Mikel-chas

    The USA made a big deal about the use of chemweaps, but,now that it is positive the TERRORIST,that they fund and arm were the ones that used them,they shut their mouths and do nothing.

    • Arklight

      Um. The thing is that the Turks intercepted a canister of Sarin coming in with a passenger flight from somewhere, but the flight’s origin was not revealed in the articles I read, nor was there a definitive statement that the Sarin had been confiscated. My guess? the Sarin was returned to the passenger at the border with Syria and may have been used in the most recent gas attack. My money says that the Russians have done a full chemical analysis of the residue they have recovered, and can probably tell (if was manufactured in a chemweaps factory) the location of the plant, date of manufacture, and the boss’s wife’s bra size. It would, if formally manufactured, most probably be American, since we manufacture chemical, biological and nuclear weapons by wholesale (nuclear weapons include depleted uranium munitions, of course), as well as anti-personnel mines; I’d not be surprised if we imported punji stakes and bamboo bombs from Vietnam. Anyway, Russia has the goods on somebody, but you’ll never hear who from the UN.


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