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FSA Committed Two New Massacres in Qinis, Idlib Countryside and in Homs

The Free Army militia has committed two new massacres today in Qinis town of Edlib countryside and in Homs.
Our correspondent stated that the first massacre claimed the death of a man, two women and 4 children, where the militants opened fire on the family in a farm.

The killed civilians are Amer al-Na’asi, Hajar Kamal Sa’ed al-Din, and Khadija al-Na’sani, the children Walaa, Ghoufran and Maram al-Na’sani.

The second massacre occurred in Tasneen village of Homs countryside, where the insurgents attacked the village starting Talbiseh town and opened fire randomly on the citizens.

On the other hand, the forces of Syrian Army clashed today with armed rebels in several areas of Edlib and Homs countryside.
Our reporter confirmed that the army clashed with militants in Ma’aret al-Nu’man area, causing the death of 24 gunmen, including Zaid al-Shaqoul (a leader in Ansar al-Haqq battalion).

The Syrian units also destroyed a car, loaded with local-made missiles, killing 13 and injuring 9 insurgents in clashes Wadi al-Deif area.

The forces also raided on a den for the militants in al-Qusair of Homs countryside, which resulted in 30 deaths of them.

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