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syria the army continues cracking down on jabhat al nusra terrorists

The Army Continues Cracking Down on Jabhat al-Nusra Terrorists

Dec 08, 2012

PROVINCES, (SANA)- A unit of the Armed Forces killed terrorists belonging to al-Qaeda-linked Jabhat al-Nusra who terrorized the locals and vandalized their property in al-Huseiniyeh, Hajira and Aqraba farms in Damascus countryside.

A source told SANA reporter that a car equipped with a heavy machinegun and three cars which were carrying weapons for the terrorists were destroyed on al-Huseiniyeh-al-Ziyabiyeh road.

The source added that units of the Armed Forces killed several terrorists in the area between Sayyida Zeinab and Vegetables Souq in Hejjeira, and destroyed their dens.

Security Restored to Aqraba Farms Area

Meanwhile, the source also announced that the Armed Forces restored security and stability to the farms surrounding Aqraba after inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorists there.

A qualitative operation was carried out by an army unit which resulted in killing a number of terrorists between Jubar and Zamalka.

The source added that the operation also resulted in confiscating machineguns and ammunition that the terrorists used in their terrorist attacks.

Last night, an army unit clashed with a Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist group in al-Tadamun neighborhood.

An official source told SANA reporter that the clashes took place in the street leading to al-Yarmouk Camp and resulted in killing five terrorists and seizing their weapons and ammunition.

Terrorists Killed, Weapons, including Nato Sniper Rifles, Seized in Hama

In the meantime, a unit of the Armed Forces clashed with an armed terrorist group from al-Qaeda-affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra who tried to attack the law-enforcement members and the locals in al-Zlakiat town in Mhardeh countryside in Hama, and confiscated their weapons and ammunition.

A source in the province told SANA that the clash left a number of terrorists killed. Automatic rifles, guns and bombs and amounts of ammunition were confiscated.

Another  unit of the Armed Forces seized ammunitions and launchers and amounts of materials for making explosive devices in a den of an armed terrorist group in Souq al-Shajara in Hama city.

An official source told SANA reporter that several terrorists were eliminated as the Armed Forces stormed their den and arrested others, adding that 7 machineguns, 2 Nato sniper rifles, 3 suppressors, a number of RPG launchers and 4 charges were seized.

The source pointed out that two batteries for detonating explosive devices remotely and a large amount of acid were also seized.

Terrorists’ Machinegun-equiped Cars Destroyed in Homs

A unit of the Armed Forces destroyed a gathering of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists on the road to al-Saan village in Talbiseh in Homs.

A source in the province told SANA that a number of cars, some equipped with heavy machineguns, were destroyed with the weapons, ammunition and terrorists inside.

Non-Syrian Terrorists, including a Turkish, Killed in Jabal al-Zawiyeh in Idleb Countryside

Units of the Armed Forces destroyed Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists’ hideouts in Deir Sinbul, al-Maghara and Serjeh in the countryside of Idleb and killed a number of terrorists, including non-Syrians.

An official source told SANA reporter that a Turkish terrorist, K. Ferday, was identified among the dead, adding that Ferday was responsible for training other terrorists on sniping in al-Maghara village in Jabal al-Zawiyeh.

The source said that an army unit, in cooperation with the locals in Harem city, confronted an armed terrorist group which attempted to infiltrate to al-Tarmeh neighborhood, killing and injuring some of its members.

Terrorists Killed in Blast while Preparing Explosive Devices in Idleb Countryside

A den used by an armed terrorist group was blown up with the terrorists, ammunition and weapons inside, killing scores of terrorists linked to al-Qaeda, the majority of them were non-Syrian in Saraqeb city in Idleb countryside.

An official source told SANA that the explosion took place when the terrorists were preparing explosive devices for attacking locals in Saraqeb.

The source added that the den was completely destroyed, and all the terrorists inside were killed or injured.

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