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syria qatar sends pakistani terrorists fight alongside armed terrorist groups syria iranian news agency says

TEHRAN (SANA)- Qatar has assembled two separate 67-member groups of terrorists from Pakistan and dispatched them to Syria in the last two weeks,” Iranian FARS News Agency (FNA) said.

In a report published on Saturday, FNA pointed out that since the onset of the crisis in Syria, Qatar was involved in spreading terrorism in Syria through recruiting Salafi terrorists from across the globe and dispatching them to Syria.

The report added that Qatar sent two separate groups of terrorists from Pakistani Blouchistan region to fight alongside the armed terrorists groups in Syria.

“Qatar has recently dispatched two groups of terrorists to Syria across Turkey to join the armed terrorist groups in this country, in what is deemed to be a tight rivalry with another terrorist groups backed by the Saudi Arabia,” the Iranian News Agency said.

FNA stressed that during the last few years, Qatar has started using its hefty gas and oil revenues to interfere in the affairs of the Arab and Muslim countries, as it interfered in the crisis in Sudan and Yemen, and in the internal affairs of Lebanon, Egypt and Syria.


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