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Syria / UN: Snipers Shoot at UN Inspectors in Damascus

Syria: Terrorists attacked Residence of UN Inspectors (Source: FNA)

UN: Snipers in Syria shoot at UN chemical weapons team.

The latest reports from Syria’s capital Damascus say that snipers have shot at the experts of the United Nations (UN). However, there is no more information available at the current moment. The reports (“breaking news”) say that snipers in the capital Damascus have shot at the UN experts who are currently in Syria in order to carry out the investigation whether chemical weapons have been already used in the Syrian conflict.

Today, it seems that the chemical weapons inspectors of the United Nations (UN) were already visiting the locations of an alleged use of chemical weapons some days ago – e.g. Jobar near the capital, Damascus.

The snipers, probably members of a foreign-backed terrorist group or even well-trained foreign snipers, forced the chemical weapons inspectors of the UN to suspend their attempts to investigate these claims of the alleged chemical weapons attacks in Jobar and some other suburbs of the Syrian capital, Damascus. Already today morning, it seems that an attack with mortar shells by a group of terrorists was aimed at the residence of the UN team in Damascus (near the Four Seasons hotel).

The occurrence of snipers is nothing new in the Syrian conflict. In addition, among the ranks of the foreign-backed terrorist groups and even among the Syrian al-Qaeda offshoots, there are several snipers and some are really skilled for this job.

Further, several reports have already implied that some terrorists receive a specific sniper training by experts and that some mercenaries fighting in Syria are in reality well-trained snipers of foreign military forces.

Of course, due to the lack of available information, nobody can say much about the sniper fire on the UN experts near Damascus. However, that the Syrian Army would carry out such a targeted attack by snipers on the experts from the United Nations (UN) is really far-fetched.

The only logical explanation could be, and it reminds us of earlier incidents when UN personnel visited Syria, that some sides are not happy about the investigation of the alleged chemical weapons attacks in e.g. Jobar or even in Khan al-Assal, Homs and other suburbs of the Syrian capital.

In addition, this even reminds us to the “NATO-style removal of eyewitnesses in Khan al-Assal” (Khan al-Asal). However, as said, there is not much information available until now. More information about the sniper attack on the UN experts near the capital Damascus is sure available later this day.

Syria: Terrorists attacked Residence of UN Inspectors (Source: FNA)
Syria: Terrorists attacked Residence of UN Inspectors (Source: FNA)

Meanwhile, a unnamed security official in Damascus has publicly stated that the Syrian military and the Arab nation is ready to face “all scenarios” and this statement is a response to the increased war rhetoric by Washington, France and the Israeli regime against Syria – based on the recent propaganda about the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) against terrorists and civilians in e.g. Jobar.

However, there is no evidence for these claims and a military attack on Syria would only have the result of more violence and dead in the Arab nation. A military intervention in Syria by foreign forces (US military / NATO forces / Arab forces…) will not resolve the Syrian conflict.

An unnamed security official in the capital Damascus said, according to reports, that Syria is ready to face “all scenarios”. The security official from the Syrian government said that the Western threats of airstrikes against targets in Syria, including units of the Syrian army as lively targets, and a military intervention in Syria are a part of the psychological and political pressure against the Syrian nation.

However, the unnamed security official in the Syrian capital said that Damascus is “in any case” ready to “face all scenarios.” Already the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and officials from Iran and other countries have warned Washington against a military intervention in Syria.

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    • Arklight

      I read the farsnews article. It sounds like there was a bored sniper out there. As an example of the result of boredom in a sniper, I site the following example from personal experience. The sniper occupies a position that overlooks an enemy field latrine (a slit trench); an enemy trooper goes to the latrine, drops his trousers and begins to answer natures call. Sniper shoots NEAR the enemy trooper, who dives for cover, the only cover available to hand being the field latrine. Get the picture?


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