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Syria Slams Obama Administration Over Arming of Terrorists

Best friend of the Western governments - a jihadist terrorist.
Syria condems the U.S. decision to arm thousands of Jihadists and Terrorists on Syrian soil.

The secular Syrian government in the capital Damascus has condemned the recent U.S. decision to arm thousands of terrorists and jihadists on Syria soil who are fighting against the government of President Bashar al-Assad and against the Syrian Arab army (SAA) in Syria.

The statement by the Syrian government in Damascus, which slams the recent decision of the Obama administration in Washington, was published today by the Syrian state news agency, SANA. The statement cites a Syrian official with the Syrian Foreign Ministry. This Syrian official said that the arming of militants further exposes the role of the Obama administration in boosting the crisis as well as the conflict in Syria.

In addition, the official statement by the Syrian government in Damascus also says that the intentions of the White House to prolong the violence and terrorism in Syria in order to undermine the security and stability of the secular Arab nation is all in favour of the Israeli regime.

The official statement by Syria’s government further states that “the reality about the intentions of Washington has been exposed by the recent decision of the Obama administration to arm thousands of militants on Syrian soil.

This decision exposes the intentions of the U.S. administrations to everybody as the Obama administration aims for violence and terrorism to continue within Syrian borders in order to disrupt security and stability in the Middle East in service of the aggressive goals of Israel.”

Of course, the official statement by the secular government of Syria in Damascus also stressed that the U.S. administration is faking support for finding a political solution to the conflict in Syria at the upcoming international conference in Geneva (Geneva II). The statement from Damascus further says that this is pure “dishonesty by the U.S. administration.”

As reported, the Obama administration in the United States as recently decided to send more weapons and “military aid” into the hands of the terrorists and Islamists fighting in Syria against the only secular government in the Middle East.

Best friend of the Western governments - a jihadist terrorist.
A Nusra Front terrorists with ‘non-lethal’ machine guns provided by the West, they’re expecting ‘lethal’ weapons now to be paid for by western taxpayers

In addition, the White House is said to have again weighed the possibility of enforcing a so-called “no-fly zone” over Syria, while the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has finally the allowance by the U.S. intelligence committees to send more weapons into the hands of the foreign-backed terrorists in Syria.

However, it is to expect that the most American weapons will land in the hands of the Al Qaeda-linked terrorist groups on Syrian soil due to the situation that the Syrian Al Qaeda offshoot, the Jabhat al Nusra (al-Nusra Front), is already more powerful in many areas than the foreign-backed criminals and terrorists of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA). Not to mention that Rand Paul was correct with his recent statements.

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  1. Arklight

    In my opinion, Obama has a full load of criminal genes on both sides of his family. Is he a sociopath? I don’t know, but he seems to think that whatever he wants is ‘right’, no matter how evil. The sooner Satan collects him and takes him to Hell, the better off the world will be. In my opinion, of course.

  2. Canthama

    Well….the players are showing their faces, no matter what happens after this stupid decision form the US to supply weapons to the terrorists, their fate is doomed, SAA will continue to advance and reconquer most of the territory back, the big difference I see is the overwhelming support by the people of Syria to SAA, this is why this war will be won.
    Regrading the US, this administration will pay dearly, not only losing the next elections but losing the respect by dozens of countries, as soon as the UN envoys report back that the terrorists used chemical weapons, the US, UK, Israel and France will be in a tough spot.
    “No fly zone” won’t fly, Syria has much more capabilities to defend its air space than Libya and further more The UN security council will not approve it thus making it illegal.

  3. sanjin

    obama just want revenge for cruel american history against black people. he is accelerating melting of american empire pushing agresiveli for new wars in middle east and later in far east. american foreign policy is unbeliveable suicidal. america collected so many enemies and overpaid so called friends that won’t end good for united states.

  4. Arklight

    Hi, Canthama; ‘players’ is the right word. On the side of the west (US) I think that Obama, oddly enough, may be the only one showing his true face, the others, being players, have a face for every occasion, hoping that not showing the ‘wrong’ face at an inopportune moment will allow them to stay in power. We mere citizens understand that he who thinks evil, is evil, no matter the face put forward. Since the US has shifted responsibility for The Devil’s Work onto Saudi Arabia, it is perceived, by the US, that sending weapons to KSA wipes the trail of blood leading back to DC. Once the weapons are on the ground in KSA, well, what happens then isn’t OUR fault – – is it? I mean – – once the Saudis have the weapons, THEY’RE responsible, not us – – right? Not so, of course. I really can’t predict how this all will come out, on the ground, but of one thing I’m certain; those who commit evil, promote evil, facilitate evil, or think evil will answer to God for it. I’d like to get tickets to watch that.
    I wouldn’t count on the UN envoys to ‘do the right thing’. They’re flunkies, and the US pays the bills, so I’d expect the report of the envoys to reflect the wishes of Washington, DC. If the envoys return an honest opinion, I’d be astonished. Amazed. Completely flabbergasted.
    While it’s true that UN Security Council will not approve a ‘No Fly Zone’ (thank you Russia, thank you China) I have no reason to believe that Obama cares a snap. Reality may, however, step in where politics fails. No one has any money with which to prosecute a no fly zone, in addition to which it’s becoming increasingly clear to the EU, a failing State, that the US IS a failed State. Turkey, under Erdogan, may be tempted, but I rather think that cooler heads might prevail, there. We’ll see.
    An additional factor is the depleted uranium munitions which the US uses. The dangers of DU were known as far back as 1945, and the US was warned, strongly, not to use depleted uranium for any weapons whatsoever but, as is not uncommon where vast amounts of money are to be made, the ‘defense industry’ tricked Congress into allowing the manufacture of DU weapons which solved to problems in a single stroke: it made the ‘defense’ industry obscene amounts of money, besides which it solved the problem of storing ‘spent’ fuel rods. The ‘depleted’ uranium has a lethal half life out to hundreds of millions of years; it’s not ‘dead’, just doesn’t have enough ‘oomph’ left to power a nuclear reactor. That might, in fact, get the UN’s attention. I’m surprised that member States like Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan are not suing the UN for war crimes, because the UN has permitted the use of DU weapons in the past. Well, we’ll see, huh?
    Note to SAA: drive on, and good hunting!


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